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June 12, 2012

So many positives in the STRIB today….

The Minnesota Manpower Survey predicts 22% increase in hiring in the third quarter, based on surveys of Twin Cities employers; United Healthcare takes the lead, and others followed, by stating they will continue to offer several features from the Healthcare bill  no matter what happens next  to the bill; Honeywell  Building Solutions  announced  a new Smart Grid division to better manage energy  as demand grows  at an expected 40% in next 25 years; MSP will have free wi-fi;  Apple’s new software may help the Facebook IPO; Granite City will open more restaurants; and the continuing story of the outreach suggested by the Governor and House Speaker of Canterbury to the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community  that resulted in a win-win for both.

Note:  I am not be a gambling fan nor advocate of either casino or horse racing, but I was pretty impressed with the process that creatively found a win-win for both entities; and, because of my interests in Telling Native River Stories, the Reconciliation, and some exposure to MIGA last year, I was especially pleased to see Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community step up, negotiate well, and be an integral part of the solution.

But I am only cautiously optimistic about what of this good news will survive until this evening’s news cycle, and how much will be diverted by the not-so-good news and the “doomsday is coming” negative spin that will be put on it. 

First, the report by the Feds that family net worth fell to levels of early ‘90s:  Of course, it is not a plus, but we need to think back to those immediate days after the crash in the summer of 2008 of Bush administration.  For a very short period of time, there was almost a coming together and acknowledgement that of course, the boom of the 2000s was not sustainable, adjustments had to be made, and we would need to work together to define and establish the “New Economy” going forward.

Yup, that spirit of cooperation quickly vanished when the establishment of the time lost to the upstart and signaled we all were going to be playing in a new sandbox.  With no way out, we heard just six months later, the rallying cry of pouting GOP leaders …block Obama at all costs. …and we were off on a reckless ride that has left us in a mess four years later.

Second, the continuing coverage of the “unified, in-your-face, across-the board rejection” of the Equal Pay for Women Bill as the GOP openly admitted – they think women are worth less than men are: Yes, I admit, this one has me wondering what my life has been all about.  We had made such strides….why did we not anticipate that an out-foxed animal with no path to retreat ATTACKS!   I know the only way I can address this one for now  is to simply pretend it did not happen – so of course, I would prefer we would quit talking about it unless we can ENSURE  that all women in the country will unite, intercede, and get these fossils from a bygone era safely back in their cage.

My pleas to the press today is that we all NEED  just one good day of focusing on the positives to give us a little strength to keep going on our journey through all the negatives.  Please help!