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September 19, 2013

I am generally a supporter of local businesses when I have a choice…so I’ll opt for Wilde Roast or another one-of-a-kind, Dunn’s or a Caribou before Starbucks; but I am impressed with Starbuck’s latest move.

“Guns Are No Longer Welcome At Starbucks.”  I listened to CEO Howard Schultz explain the move yesterday, and I was duly impressed.

It’s not a ban; if you’re toting a gun you’ll still be served, but they let it be known guns aren’t going to be welcomed.  Leave it in your car; leave it at home; leave it anywhere…even strapped to your bod – Just know Starbucks does not welcome guns on their premises.

I had to chuckle reading the quote this morning from the president of a gun rights group…he said he respects the rights of a private business to determine their own gun policies…but he thought the message was “confusing.”

“They’re trying to make people like myself feel unwelcome but it’s not an outright ban”…and then he went on to say he won’t patronize a business where he did not feel welcome -As if he is punishing Starbucks for having a confusing message.

Not so fast, cowboy.  You are reacting exactly like Starbucks hoped you would.  Which also proves my point.  These yahoos ain’t too smart!  But then, if you need a gun evermore by your side, I guess we already knew that…before Starbucks cleverly pointed it out!