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June 24, 2013

White Bear Lake-potentially a perfect case study to illustrate what happens when we disregard suggestions and warnings of how to better protect our natural resources…but is the drawdown of the aquifer the only contributing factor to this long painful death of the lake?

White Bear Lake Restoration Assn. is suing the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on the aquifer issue.  The Chair, Greg McNeely laments the 30-40% decline in property values [Ed:  All examples given were for $1 million+ homes]; complains he has not been able to put his own dock in the water for four years and had to stop his daily swims; mourns of the changing culture around the river as the recreational use of the lake dropped 70%; and explains the lawsuit is not about property value damage:

“It’s about protecting our watershed and preserving a valuable natural resource for all of us-not just a few people who live on the lake.”

While Nero fiddled, Rome burned; and in White Bear, while citizens played and polluted, the lake died  because of the DNR.  For now, I choose to take him at his word. 

Because for me, this is a wakeup call and a perfect opportunity to thoroughly examine ALL uses and habits that have contributed to this decline and slow death.  If we honestly identify causes; tie cause to impact and point out visible proof of the effects of our actions that resulted- perhaps we have before us a larger positive.

Of course, this is a tragic natural resource disaster but that does not mean we should not learn from it.

Minnesota could adopt it as a Learning and Teaching lab.  Once the effects are clearly identified and visual, we have a better chance to test prevention and restorative theories, preserve evidence of damage and renewal, and ultimately the disaster could emerge as a LEARNING LAB for the state and for the country.

Please let us consider a PROACTIVE plan that benefits us all.  After all, we have the perfect example of passive destruction and death of the Colorado River; we do not need to make White Bear Lake the Second great man-made disaster caused by misuse of natural resources!

We watched the demise of the Colorado River…we watched the abuse of the great southwestern US water supply; in Arizona we watched that sick river struggle; and we now we have watched it Dry Up and die- leaving a large population of US citizens with no water source and a massive ugly river bed and empty mouth on the West Coast…all because either we did not believe conservation experts and government officials or because “we the people” have our rights, you know, and no government is going to tell us what to do.  And so, to support the expanding populations of immigrant snow birds and others, Arizona allowed acres and acres of green grass oases to be created…and while doing so, diverted the water from the Colorado and from their neighbors to the west.  

Do we really want to prove we can kill all 10,000 lakes because we refuse to accept warnings and change over personal and commerecial desires and habits?

Between the dead Colorado do-nothing evidence, and a potential learning lab at White Bear Lake, perhaps we can change habits and stop this devastating trend of humans destroying irreparable natural resources.