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July 29, 2013


Why of course, we should preserve the blight in East Downtown so obnoxious fans can tailgate 10 days a year….NOT!

What about the fact that “empty lots  on income-generating propositions for the city do not make” do these idiots not understand?  We are all supporting your habits by paying for the space for your team.  Are you willing to pay for a game-day ticket to tailgate that equates to the income generated for the city if those lots are developed?

We know you can party and make noise – and some of you do not even go to the game- but watch from outside.  Are you also willing to do your own cleanup and trash hauling, and sanitation hauling to take care of the many messes you leave?

Are you willing to take your turn patrolling those empty lots so that for the other 350+ days of the year, responsible residents remain safe?


I am intrigued with Obama’s latest approach to this GOP madness.

I keep reminding myself that watching the Republicans is much like watching the cornered wild animal with rabies; on its way to a “horrible” but inevitable death, it strikes out….speeding up the inevitable, but occasionally wounding its pursuer.

I like the approach of calling out the deadbeats…a financial accounting of what the Republican Rabies is costing us would be eye-opening to their loyal constituents, I am sure. The most egregious symptom is covering their own prejudice against Obama by trying to make him into the monster.

In the end, I know that their prejudice and unwillingness to understand the new world I which we all live will topple them; but despite the eventual demise, this is PAINFUL for the country.

That said, a BIG YES to Obama for finally cutting to the chase and telling it like it is:  DEADBEATS and ROADBLOCKS…

“Shutting down the government because I’m keeping it open – that’s not an economic plan” said Obama a day or so ago as he launched the campaign to push them out of the way. 

Yes, it’s time to fight back – but I’m still concerned this could backfire for Obama.  Then I remind myself – if he is wiling to take the personal risk for the good of the country, then I am all for it.


NO and NO and NO.  I do not care whether his wife forgives him.  Carlos Danger AINT mayoral material.



That’s a long time before the first white man stepped foot in North America, wouldn’t you say? Think about that as those of you who continue to try to block immigration reform waste all of our time! That is a lot longer investment in our land than any white man can claim whether you descend from a Viking, a white sailor that accompanied Columbus in 1492 or a pilgrim arriving in 1620!

So exciting to read about the artifacts find along the Minnesota River dating back 8000 years and providing evidence that natives people populated this space a LONG,  LONG time ago!

The artifacts found in Chanhassen are another reminder of all to history we’ve destroyed unknowingly  as we came, we saw, we conquered and we built without any understanding of the role of Minnesota in ancient times – “Minnesota, the Crossroads of North America.”

I’m sad, but understand that the Archaic Period cannot take precedence over today’s need for replacing the 101 bridge.  But I am also hopeful a fall dig will tell us much more.

The initial examination of the find shows tools similar to those used in the Dakotas and Wisconsin and so my mind immediately jumped to the Prairie Island site…now believed to be the gathering point from all over North America – an ancient North American/Pan Am United Nations!

Wouldn’t it be cool to discover evidence that indeed this camp tells more of that story: these ancient folks  perhaps were headed down the river to Prairie Island/Red Wing to participate in a gathering of an ancient North American United Nations?

I so want to learn how these people communicated and traveled great distances (from Alaska and Florida/Caribbean; from Mexico and Newfoundland) to come together at Prairie Island-all with different cultures, languages and needs.  And especially, how did they know it was time to start off on that journey – which surely for most, was a once in a lifetime event!


A shortage of skills may not be the problem at all as corporations search for tech help; and finally, the STRIB this morning positioned that corporations may just be creating their own problems.

Specific job descriptions, salaries that don’t match results needed; misunderstanding of what entices IT folks and a misunderstanding of what the IT world is, does today, and how quickly it is morphing into something else-over and over and over again.

Reminds me of a past life at the BEGINNING of automation and a digital world; but why should we expect corporations to have changed or why should we be surprised they are not magnets for available talent anymore?

 Some continue to be driven by ”antiquated thinking; locked in a mind-set that [doesn’t] understand real needs of the developer or marketplace, completing task-tickets; not guiding strategy; “ -most of the HR folks looking for people are preservationists, not futurists.

The articled I was reading reported that “in 1998 only 150 million people used the Internet.  The first smart phone was not available until 2007.  Now 2.8 billion people use the internet”…and some suggest that number will increase to 5 billion shortly and continue growth exponentially as time moves forward.

Saturn Systems , a Duluth based software development form put it pretty succinctly:  “we can adjust”.

I have no doubt the tech companies get it but I am also quite certain most corporations outside the tech industry do not. 

Most are hanging on for dear life, using bloated profits they’ve accumulated as “takers” to influence their favorite state and federal legislative personnel  and eureka, those angry old birds in Congress grasping for their own last breath are continuing to sing the same old song….you recall it, although its not a catchy tune:  “Taxes and  21st Century thinking together will destroy American business.

No it won’t, folks.  It will only destroy teetering old businesses. You know, rather than keeping up with the times and needs, have reverted to 19th century robber barons and are intent on stopping the progression to the future.

I’d say from the statistics included in the article, of the TOP five non-business services of Information, Finance and Administration, Public Administration and Educational Services may be on the right track, but only Healthcare seems to have made the commitment wholeheartedly to not only today’s world, but to what lies ahead for us all.


This Pope seems to be exactly what the Catholic Church needed!

From urging today’s youth to pursue social justice, to acknowledging that the Catholic Church is a “prisoner of its own rigidity” to urging youth to go back home and “make a mess” – his message rang loud and clear.

“I want to see the Church in the street.  I want to get rid of the mundane, the comforts, clericalism, this closing ourselves off in the parishes, the schools and institutions…”

AMEN BROTHER!  There is no doubt its long past time for another “cleansing of the temple” and we  may  just have the means before us to do just that!


With that, I drop the last post-it into the trash and will call it a month for this blog!  Talk again in August.