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October 25, 2012

In the rush to get the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment on the November 6 ballot in Minnesota, those posturing for the change not only committed the error of limiting ID validation to a 19th century technology (photos) but also have created additional room for interpretation and error in the vague language -an example of which is exactly what kind of ID is acceptible.

This is exactly my point in urging all to “Vote No”. Since we have no fraud record in MN today, it would seem that responsible legislators should be expected to lay out the issues, possible resolutions, openly obtain input on objections and consequences, and finally collaborate with all impacted to author a bill that addresses the needs and accommodates all. That is not only the mark of a good legislator and leader, but frankly, in my book, of an adult as well.

Unless of course, the recent “revelation” of intent is not simple posturing by a disgruntled and dismissed Republican, but is in fact the truth…and indeed, this whole expensive madness was simply a means to ensure Republican voter turnout in the election – creating a $50 million expense to be born – not by the Republicans – but all citizens of Minnesota….and committing us by Constitution to use 19th/20th century technology despite being in the second decade of the 21st century.

However, we cannot change the process now. Consequently, we have no choice but to defeat the extreme one-sided, costly, and out-dated “solution” presented by the Republicans.

THEN, we can start over, get input from all sides, craft an equitable solution that is 21st century in scope,  does not disenfranchise voters, addresses and clarifies all the issues raise, as well as implementation issues and costs and then submit the resulting solution as a new law Рnot a Constitutional Amendment!