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June 29, 2013

…This time about all the post it notes I have around me mostly about one Republican irritation or another.  So fair warning… may not want to take the time to read this today!


As the strategy firms up to attempt to overcome a Republican block of the Immigration Bill in the House, the usual dissenting Repos – Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn “issued a stern warning to sports organizations (NFL) not to partner with the Administration on Healthcare law – calling it “an issue marked by such divisiveness and persistent unpopularity”.

Meanwhile, they are writing their own Immigration Bill and don’t care when it gets done; they are still blocking all of the four reasonable points on Gun Control laws; they surely have been too busy with all the scandal manufacturing to come up with good reasons why environmental issues should not be addressed, and still, they have time to threaten sports organizations about a law that will be implemented shortly and preparation for that implementation is well under way?

To object to the Healthcare bill is one thing; to dislike it after it becomes law is still ok, to threaten organizations not to be cooperative in its implementation is truly another.  To that I say, they took a step too far and a direct campaign to reach the people (fans) is in order now!  A little boycotting , maybe?


Hmmm.  The Bachman suit may be settled  (but to be safe, we better check to make sure campaign funds weren’t used in a buy-off)  but the “case which remains under investigation by Des Moines police, the FBI, the Office of Congressional Ethics, and the Federal Election Committee” continues to move forward according to the STIB this morning.  The best thing that could happen for MN is that they all keep pushing until she goes underground and is neither sighted nor heard from again. I know, it’s just a matter of months before she is out of office….but I am not sure I can take anymore of her nonsense.


This time it’s the Vatican again.  Another scandal; this time it is another charge about the Vatican Bank despite Popes Frances and Benedict’s attempts to correct the problem. 

What about Jesus’ cleansing the temple of money changers because it had become a den of thieves do these people not understand?

Or more important, what about Paul’s letters to Timothy which specifically outline the expected and responsible behaviors of pastors of the church including the “Qualifications of the Overseers” known as the Bishops?  If a man desires the position of a bishop, he cannot be “greedy for money… for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.”

Of course, my brain- already irritated by the Republicans- immediately jumps to the Christian Conservatives of the Republican Party; but I will try to exercise some control and not go there today. I am sure I will have another chance soon, as they misinterpret and misuse their religious freedom on a nearly daily basis.