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October 6, 2010

Yesterday, as I posted the Designer’s Handshake, I was repeatedly reminded that I have an open vendor issue waiting for resolution – at least in my own mind. Enough time has passed to lesson the anger I was experiencing at the situation, the vendor reaction, and the insidious means chosen to express that reaction within our small event community here in the Twin Cities.

Each Design Principle I listed forced me to review the steps I have taken to understand and repair, to forgive and go forward – as well as steps I could still take in this situation. And yet, with each thought I wrestled with the reality that this was not the first incident in our vendor-client relationship.

There has been one “dust-up” after another through-out the past decade – one very hurtful personally when I was recovering from a fall and three back fractures early in the decade, to several issues professionally-not only with me, but with friends and acquaintances in the industry-as well as a long history of “what’s in it for me” not only when approached to collaborate on a project, but to support industry associations and trade publications. The constant challenges rob energy from all of us that could be better applied elsewhere.

And yet, like the battered-woman, many of us return again and again – only to be subjected to more of the same-because his company has a good product and good people work for him. Somehow, we accept that we, the client, are subservient to the vendor and need to accept how we are treated – or we will be removed from the list of the “chosen”.

And then, as I listed the eleventh principle, “To Do Good Business with Good People”, I had my epiphany. I have pledged to do my utmost to be honorable in business and partnerships and to align myself and work with individuals and groups who have the same values as I do.

This is not a question of who is the wronged party in this latest manufactured incident. It is merely a difference in values. And, simply put, our values do not mesh. If care and feeding of the vendor trumps my client commitment to deliver the best services and products to further their message – in a cost effective and efficient manner – then it is time to evaluate the worth of that vendor relationship.

GOOD BUSINESS does not necessarily follow GOOD PRODUCT and GOOD FRIENDS. I shall move on in search of vendor partners that more closely align with my values and work ethic. THAT’S good business.