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December 29, 2012

Late in 2011, I liberated myself from suburban living and returned – for the third and I hope LAST time in my life – to the banks of the Mississippi in downtown Minneapolis.

Despite a year of challenges with pain and physical therapy and predictions of more of the same going forward, along with minimal income flowing through Creative Events to complicate and challenge things a bit more, I have not regretted the move – although the choice came with some unexpected and unwanted consequences including a growing isolation from family and some life-long friends.

And yesterday, December 28, after a six month debate with myself, I took the second step in my own personal urbanization….I sold my car!

Although I drive very little, between insurance, garage, upkeep and gas, the car I loved cost me almost $6000 a year in insurance, garage, gas and upkeep.  At $2 a MILE, that seems a luxury in my life that I do not need. 

And so today I begin at least a six month commitment to my next “life” transition in the wave of the urbanization revolution of the 21st century.

I am excited.  I am very nervous. And I am forever grateful for family and friends support of this decision….and especially for the support of my longtime friends JJ and Bella who helped me facilitate the logistics of this yesterday, and for that”after-car” transition time they spent with me last evening in moral support.