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October 26, 2013


The September 29 oil spill of 20,600 barrels of crude in Tioga ND that no one noticed was happening fortwo weeks was disconcerting enough but today we learn there has been 300 ND pipeline spills in less than 2 years – all of which went unreported.  That is an average of almost ONE every other DAY!

Yes, about half were small apparently, but it raises the question of accountability as far as this # 2 oil producer in the US – at least for me. 

If they do not report when the spills happen, why should we believe all but 490 barrels were contained in this last year and that there was no permanent damage?

I confess, I know nothing about how land owners or a state gets compensated when an oil producer is given rights to the land….but if compensation is tied to barrels produced vs. barrels sold, one can see how the secrecy helps the oil developer and hinders the people of North Dakota.  And who is responsible for long term cleanup costs?

 Not being an oil industry person, I do not even know if that number meets normal expectations or if that many leaks might signal some shortcuts happened or a lack of concern for what follows in the aftermath. And being a little Minnesota-centric myself, I admit I care most if there is an impact here than I do about a North Dakota impact…so I did not take the time to research and perhaps answer my own questions.

I am sure the people living in the midst of this know the answers and I presume there was sufficient worth vs risk analyses done to make them happy,

As for me, I would rather put my focus on solar and wind.  Yes, I know wind has issues particularly with the birds and sound…but it seems like focusing on those issues will have better payback.  Both the energy source itself, and those harmed are renewable resources so let’s put our efforts to eliminating the cause of damage – knowing that there is no risk to the source itself “drying up”!



Yes, I know, now that they are in the news daily they are having a Eureka! moment and at least appear they may start thinking about their problem and how to control- if not fix -it.  Unfortunately I have no faith that counseling of the offenders will alleviate the problem.

I try hard to be tolerant of ALL religions, and certainly as a Christian,  it is easiest to find excuses for an arm of my own basic faith.   But seriously, one more time, I am at the point where I am saying, if I were a member of this Archdiocese, I’d be in line asking for a refund!

Eleven Million Dollars squandered to cover-up priest misconduct?  Plus, no matter what, it is the parishioners’ dollars that go to the abuser’s salary continuation, room and board, annual contributions to pension, education, rehabilitation, psychological treatment, counseling, and legal expense-all above and beyond the cover-up money.

I tried, but it was not easy to match cover-up costs and on-going expenses for life to the amount the Church ends up giving the victim as compensation for something that cannot be repaired with money. But too many barriers, undisclosed dollars, and from my perspective, too much time by me to make it worth it to move my thoughts from emotional reaction to factual disdain.

And of course, that’s just me – the one that has more empathy for the abuser who did not get help than for the institution who obviously consistently puts the fiction of infallibility of the institution above the care of the flock. 

Raised in a Christian denomination where the emphasis was placed on teachings straight from the Gospels that established the parameters of the early Christian faith before the emergence of the Pomp of the Popes and the Vatican, I recognize some of my disdain comes from a lack of understanding of the Catholic faith.

 And every time this issue has popped up in places outside Minnesota I have had the same response; I have spent  time now and again trying to trace back to scripture the command of celibacy and I have historically been reminded over and over that as late as the Middle Ages, the son of one Pope actually succeeded him as the next Pope.  So I tend to say- perhaps the Catholic Church should reexamine the pros and cons of celibacy.  It obviously is something that not even Popes have been able to abide by, so on occasion, heads are turned the other way when even the Pope has affairs with married female parishioners and the result of that affair can succeed him.

As for me, I just become more and more convinced that the root of the problem is not the offender, but the hubris of a man-made institution to pretend it sits a notch above the flock.

 But truthfully, I have no idea what the answer is or how it might be found.  That does not take away the contempt I have for those with oversight in a parish or diocese or the archdiocese to lie and cover-up. So it saddens me to hear that that does not just happen elsewhere, but it happened right here in Minnesota as well.



And that is the right of free speech vs. the right of the native People to object to the “r” word.

Here we are in another discussion of rights that clearly demonstrates our founding fathers were not “all-knowing” in what they put to pen and paper at the time, but that they were “all knowing” in recognizing that what is right today would change over time and thus the Constitution had to have a built in means to be changed and updated.

The original immigrants to the Eastern coast of North America brought with them native peoples kidnapped in Africa to “do the work” that was required to make this space into the original Thirteen Colonies.  It took eighty years of battling that culminated in a Civil War to free those Africans from slavery, and another 100 years to declare that African Americans were equal in rights and forever more, change the appropriateness of the “n” word.

We are now approaching 225 years and we have yet to ban the “r” word which is equally offensive to the People who lived and cared for this land we call the Americas for 10,000 years-before the white man “discovered” it.

But so far, they are battling alone without the support of a lot of whites; and again this week, they lost the battle.  It was ruled that to eliminate the “r” reference in the Metrodome tomorrow could be interpreted as a denial of “freedom of speech”. 

I am sad that a game trumps human dignity in our world today and that the People must continue in their quest – just for one little show of respect.