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IRS SCANDAL-a non issue; DARRELL ISSA-a very scary issue

June 25, 2013

More is revealed in the “IRS Scandal”.  Other groups including many Democratic “Progressive” groups were also included in the key word search….but were just not included in the Republican complaints.

Seems to me we have TWO issues here.  The first is the need to alter the wording of the non-profit regulations so that to qualify for tax exempt status one is prohibited from all political activity- as outlined in the original law passed.  That was changed in a looser Congressional amendment to require instead, that political activity cannot be the “primary” activity of these non-profits.  And therein is the rub.  Define primary.  Define based not only on measurable dollars expended, but time expended as well.  Define how to measure that without bias.  You have now just joined the IRS agent in the world of opinion and doubt. 

FIX the Law; return it to its original state…not only will the US benefit by a lot more tax revenue, but lives of the agents at the IRS will be significantly simplified – especially in view the exceedingly high number of  requests for tax-exempt status were requested in 2012.   Some “influencers” will lose a free ride.  So be it.

But the second issue is probably more serious.  Republican “witch-hunting” seemingly led by Issa.

As a child in the 50s, I was more afraid of Senator McCarthy than the communists he was accusing everyone of being.  All through my school years, he remained my choice of topics for term papers, research papers and similar as I struggled to understand how we as a country could have been so influenced by a crazy man’s rantings and irrational fears.  The long arm of McCarthy went way beyond the government as he attacked every public figure he didn’t like including a great many of the Hollywood crowd.  Not long ago, I went to a play at the Guthrie that focused on this very issue.  It rattled me as much as it did as a child and a student.

And, as much as Congressman Darrell  Issa rattles me today.