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December 29, 2013

Reconstruction of the 2012 attack on the US Embassy shows neither the Republicans nor the Democrats had it right when explaining Benghazi.

Benghazi was NOT infiltrated by Al Qaida nor did the Obama Administration cover up evidence of Al Qaida role as the Republican Angry Old Birds claimed…although a NON Al Qaida Abu Khattala was NOT recognized by the Obama Administration as the severe threat he was.

Nor, as Susan Rice first explained, was the attack a response solely to the You-Tube video.  Spontaneous street demonstrations to that video were indeed a factor, however.  Those already planning an attack capitalized on the opportunity when it presented itself; and then arsonists and looters took advantage of the situation and destroyed the Embassy and killed the Ambassador.

In reality there are bits of truth and misinformation in both positions; along with a whole lot of hyperbole, and positioning for domestic POLITICAL gain and for Press ratings.

Now that the Official report reconstructing the event has been completed, do you think the politicians have learned anything?  In reality, as usual, misunderstanding and posturing had only one winner – the Press-and that was short-term.  Where should the accountability be focused?

This is not just about Benghazi.  It seems regard for Reality, Truth and moving towards improvements based on lessons learned as been lost in our world today.   For instance……

  • An immense and sometimes invasive digital security system initiated in response to 9-11 by a Republican-led government has become “proof” of incompetence and failure of the Democratic-led government that followed.  Where should the accountability be focused?
  • A healthcare revolution in the US, approved by the majority of US Congressional leaders,  becomes yet another political issue with little regard to the benefits to US citizens, because the error-ridden on-line registration system (and of course, the disobeying of the law within by some insurance providers) has emerged as Proof that the Democrats were wrong in suggesting our citizens needed better health care and Republicans were right in opposing the same. Where should the accountability be focused?
  • A data breach at Target that has harmed millions is emerging as a Democratic issue of why the government has not protected us from companies like Target. Some Democrats think the government has not done enough to protect us as citizens.  Where should the accountability be focused?
  • UPS/Fedex are being blamed for an unhappy Christmas because retailers in hopes of saving their over-projected holiday sales, promised to get last-minute on-line gift purchases to their destination in time for Christmas…apparently with no regard to how organizations tasked with that mission were going to accomplish it.  Consumers bought in; disaster occurred.  Where should the accountability be focused?

 When will we learn our world is not black and white?  And when will we accept that the 20th century is not the 21st century – that indeed, our world has changed?  How much are we politicizing or looking for someone to blame simply because we do not anticipate or recognize consequences of the digital world in which we live today? 

No, I am not saying digital is evil.  I am just pointing out –one more time- that we need to address the TOTAL impact of the digital age in which we live.  Old thinking, old systems are not the answer.  We need to say goodbye to the 20th century; make an about-face to the future and acknowledge the WORLD has changed around us.  None of us can predict based on our “experience” what consequences will follow any action today.  But it is increasing clear that we need to acknowledge the digital world is here and has brought with it new good and bad consequences.

We should not expect to reap the benefits without learning to minimize the negative consequences.   

And since this is not about who can find the most “dirt” on the other, or raise the most funds, or use gerrymandering to get the most votes, perhaps a little more listening to one another and collaboration among people with differing views might just pay-back for all of us as we move forward in a new age that bears little resemblance to the century we have left behind.





September 23, 2013


“Can you imagine going to a 1913 hospital” asks Jeff Cacel, principal at North Park Elementary as he positions the REAL issue:  “Why do we subject our children to antiquated and outmoded learning environments?

So at North Park, they’ve made some changes and created a learning studio that houses 94 second graders and 6 teachers which was so successful, the concept has now been expanded to the third grade as well.

Work spaces include tables/chairs, genius bars, hokki stools, and carpeted floor space…plus small rooms for quiet space around the periphery.  YES! Twenty-first century spaces to build twenty-first century skills!

But equally important to me was the work done in redefining the curriculum.  The three “Rs” of reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic have been replaced by the four Cs:  Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity!

Add a little small group work, hands-on learning, conversations, technology and flipped instruction and this is dream come true in revolutionizing education!

I wish I were in school now.  Just think what a better job I could do facilitating a revolution in adult learning – which is also sorely needed in order to succeed in our world today and into the future.



Before they automatically hired temp holiday staff, they asked their existing hourly team members if they’d like additional work over that time period.

But not to worry, they will still need 70,000 new faces…and if there is a repeat of last year, almost 40% of the newbies will be offered year-round positions after the holidays!



She’s laid it all out on the table:

“I don’t think in America we should throw tantrums when we lose elections and threaten to shut down the government and refuse to pay bills…The American people had a choice last November.  They had a choice between someone who said ‘Repeal Obamacare’ and President Obama”.

AMEN TO THAT!  What about majority rule do these folks NOT understand?  We can only hope they self-destruct in their attempt to destroy our nation.



Nice to see at least one news commentator (Jeffrey Goldberg-Blomberg) reads Obama’s stance and effectiveness like I do.  He doesn’t necessarily agree with all the steps to this point, but he acknowledges Obama has been both “tough and effective”…with Syria and Iran – a far different stance from poplar media celebs like NBC whiner, Andrea Mitchell!

Of course, we won’t know until sufficient time passes so UNEMOTIONAL judgment can be made, but it sure is comforting to see if one thinks in a context of today’s world rather than the 1935-1941 run-up to WW2 like George Will and Andrea, one can see a different Obama than the one most of my Boomer generation  see. 

Many of the critiquers might be well-served to spend some time in the North Park Elementary Learning Studio…maybe they would learn something about the century in which we now find ourselves!