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June 30, 2012

That combination of numbers in this morning’s paper truly freaks me out…especially when it is combined with high dew points and descriptors like steamy, hazy, humid, sweaty, and is it over yet .

No, I am not one that will be rejoicing today as we look towards the first week of July and the forecasted weather.

Even as a child, I did not like it HOT…but when I complained, the response was always to quit complaining…this is nothing compared to the summer of 1931-– the year my parents used as the one that was REALLY hot (why, it was an oven!) – sometime during that dark time called the Great Depression of Big Dust Bowls. Sometime long ago (probably 20-25 years prior) that I was sure was not that bad, and would never happen again.  After all, I never understood why they did not just stop filling that big bowl with dirt and putting it in the oven anyway!  Why didn’t they keep it in the freezer?

So, I recognize when one is looking for a sympathetic ear, one does NOT want to hear that “this is nothing; you should have experienced x”. 

Nevertheless, those awful numbers above were accompanied by the Paul Douglas blog that referred to the Summer of 1988 with 44 days above 90 degrees.  Oh yes, the year of the Carlson Companies 50th Anniversary, the year the air conditioning in my house was not working, and the year I wanted to move to Alaska! 

By then, I already knew I had a sun allergy, with scars on my arms to prove it from the sun “bumps” that often erupted into sores…so I was already sentenced to always being “covered up”.  By then, I knew I had inherited yet another miserable thing from my mother – humidity created “elephantitis “in feet, legs and hands – for which there was no relief except a temporary ice wrap.  So I viewed my workload of three sales meetings involving about 1600 CMG/CPG people “feeding” into the weekend of the 8000 person gathering of the Carlson corporate celebration almost a relief.  At least I was in my office 12-14 hours a day…followed by another hour or two at Mulligan’s after work…before I had to face going home.

I was so looking forward to checking into the Downtown Marriott for ten days …and cannot even  describe the glee I felt when on my arrival day, shortly after I checked in – it started to RAIN. YES!  I headed for the elevator, and simply stood out on 7th street and got soakedIt was wonderful. 

All in all, we had 44 days that summer that were over 90 degrees.  It was really an awful summer. Douglas is projecting only 30 days of misery this summer, so I guess we should quit complaining.  And yes, I know what you are thinking. …that bad summer I remember was 24 years ago…it couldn’t be as bad as what we are facing now.  Let’s talk again in September…I will agree with you if we end up with 45-50 days over 90!