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December 18, 2010

Much as I try to stay current with the world, and even feel ashamed that my laptop is still just an XP and I communicate via a T-Mobile flip phone – both of which HAVE GOT TO GO in 2011, there is one thing I simply cannot give up.

Yes, that is the morning paper and a cup of coffee.  I guess that makes me a boomer at heart – no matter how much I try to move into the “NEW” world all around me!  But really, I just can’t imagine life without that one hour dedicated just to ME and all the tidbits I see and absorb in that daily ritual.  Take today for instance:

As part of a group known as “Telling Native River Stories”, the editorial entitled RIGHTING THE WRONG OF HISTORY, resonated with me…and if I am honest, I think every TwinCitian should take note.  If it caught your eye, you might be interested to know that the annual Dakota relay run/horseback ride to Mankato to commemorate those that were hanged in 1862 departs at 11PM December 26 from Ft. Snelling – I understand it may include a visit to the gallows site itself again this year. You are invited to participate and learn a little bit of history that impacts us all. And while you are at Ft. Snelling, give some thought to the equally sad story of the concentration camps near Bdote, and the many that perished there that winter as well.

There were several Letters to the Editor sharing advice from the masses on how to do a better job with snow-removal (what do you bet- the majority of these folks are “no tax increase”/ not with “our” money folks).  I could not help but wonder if they took note of the story on adopting a fire hydrant to help the fire department protect us during the winter – particularly when our homes are filled with burning candles, logs and dry evergreens . 

Maybe I am not giving them enough credit – perhaps they now have the article entitled “Snetiquette” taped inside their cars as a reminder of how to drive and act during a snow emergency.   That article made me chuckle and I hope it sticks with me and others long enough to limit the urge to curse as we continue to try to get from point to point through all the snow!

And who knew?!!!  All these years I have battled what I was taught was a female weakness – at all costs, do not show emotion (well, it is okay to holler and swear, but just don’t cry) – only to find out that now that our upcoming Speaker of the House cries frequently, it has become OK – or maybe it’s just ok for the “weaker sex” the males of the world to cry – I couldn’t quite grasp the whole message there.  If I “man-up”, does that now mean it is okay to cry even if I am a woman?

In STIFFED BY THE GOP, I learned demands for time and service during the recount have remained unpaid.  A shout-out for Blue Earth’s O’Connor who proclaimed next time she faces a recount, if there’s no money to support it, “nothing starts”.  Maybe that is the answer to control this frivolous waste of manpower, time and attention during a Minnesota election cycle.

Have you ever tried to UNSUBSCRIBE to irritating junk e-mails or even junk snail mail?  Today I read about a solution.  After an arduous and frustrating 18 months of trying to stop her husband’s mail, a widow changed his address to the cemetery and all the junk communications stopped – at least at her house.  I am going to remember that!

The Weather relieved my worry a bit about getting to the airport and flying in/out of Minneapolis this week; and there was a great and “told from the heart” column by a Marine Infantry captain on “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” –  I wonder if someone showed that to our friend John McCain.  He needs a lesson in how today’s youth feel so he quits obsessing about Vietnam.

And finally, another article on the unraveling of the western competitive advantage with a twist – this one shares a positive, optimistic spin and ended with “For most of human history, only a privileged few have reasonably been able to hope that the future would be better than the present.  Today the masses everywhere can.  That is surely reason to be optimistic.” 

That’s a fitting seasonal message on which to end, yet I can’t help but wonder how many white, US Christian citizens see this only as a promise meant for them?

So, with life-enriching tidbits like these every day, how can I ever consider giving up my paper – it’s something I learned as a boomer that is worth preserving!