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January 8, 2011

Experiential Events are all about telling stories that resonate with the audience. So an article in the STRIB caught my attention today. The Headline read: WANTED: SIX WORD STORIES, WITH ART

The legend goes like this:  Ernest Hemingway once boasted that he could write a complete story in just six words.  His finished masterpiece:  “For sale:  baby shoes, never worn.”

This inspired two local friends, an ad copywriter and a graphic designer to launch a year-long personal arts project to write and illustrate 365 six word stories.  They did it.  Some featured in the Strib were amazing. I was inspired…and NEEDED to be.

 I am not a person of few words.  Indeed, it’s quite the opposite- which I am proving once again as I struggle through composing a couple short and meaningful entry binders for the MN STAR AWARDS-despite receiving a wonderful tip from a good friend yesterday on how to reset my brain to make that happen.

II am filled with angst over those entries and with the challenge put to me by Sam Smith to develop a 10 minute story of the CRV Experience to present at the RETHINK Forum.  The thought of four sites, Minneapolis, Paris, New York, and Copenhagen, connected globally is daunting enough.  Then add the task of condensing the story of working with a fabulous collaborative team to deliver 5000 stories for 5000 people on behalf of a well-deserving client to just 10 minutes…and I could easily panic!

So I made a commitment.  No, in 2011, I am not writing one a day; but maybe two a month.  So here is not very good first one:  Interact, Experiment, Learn, Change:  Achieve Success.

We shall see where this takes me.