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January 17, 2014

Interesting update this morning on the behind-the-scene- activities realted to malware used to infest the Target system.

It appears this is an international malware with origins in Russia.  Both Eastern Europe and Brazil have been targeted back as far as 2009.

Confidential reports from the US government were distributed to retailers on December 18 and that same day, Target discovered their system had indeed been breached.  Perhaps one should assume that it was GOOD Work on the part of Target if they identified they had a problem on the same day that the US Government sent them a warning that it could happen…obviously, it took Neiman Marcus weeks to discover the same.

Yesterday, the blogger Brain Krebs who broke the Target story updated his information of how the breach was accomplished at Target.  The Ukrainian suspect names “Rescator” is key to the Target heist; the Russian Group IB of BlockPOS software used known online as Antikiller is the creator.

This same software may have been used in earlier bank heists including US Banks, Chase, Capital One and Citibanks.  THAT reminded me of an incident I had with my US Bank account in 2009. Amends were quickly made but no explanation given by US Bank at the time.  I assumed it was an isolated case, and handled- but in view of this morning’s news – perhaps not!

Target is now scheduled to appear at House hearings in early February for Congress to learn “when did it happen, who knew, and why the silence”.

From my perspective, in view of information learned today, I am thinking that once again, in search of the scoop and ratings, the American Press may well have jumped to conclusions, made Target a culprit instead of a victim.

The recent Press posturing of questions on WHY has Target been relatively quiet on coming forward may be taking on quite a different light based on what we are hearing this morning.   My guess is that they have been cooperating with the US government – not trying to cover-up a bad system.