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September 8, 2012

Maybe we should have let them secede….

When I was in fourth grade, I discovered “Gone with the Wind” and became infatuated with the South. I have no recollection of when that infatuation faded…I remember a “new best friend” at church who was from Atlanta- the land of Rhett and Scarlett- in late grade school and into my early teens…then I grew up and my vision of mansions, gentry, debutantes and balls, faded.

I expect that change occurred about the same time I became more aware of current events as by the early sixties, there was trouble on those old plantations and marches, Little Rock, and civil rights, the Kennedys, Freedom Riders and Dr. King filled the news.  High school history/civics had exposed me to Dixicrats, then Southern Democrats, and finally the parting of the ways and set the state for the eventual end of the Solid South for the Democratic Party in 1968.

Maybe we should have let them secede.  The first time I remember verbalizing this thought, I believe, the “regulars” were gathered at the Alpha House cramming for another of Abe’s tests in American History…1964?…1965?  It got a laugh.  For surely, by the mid-60s, we knew the “South” was trouble.  100 years later and they still thought they were going to win the civil war.

In 1965 I was appalled on my first trip south to see the “MEN, WOMEN, NEGROES” restroom signs in Jackson Mississippi-I have more pictures of that as souvenirs of my trip than pictures of New Orleans; in the 90s, I was appalled to be in Alabama presenting with Jack Morton, a plan for Mercedes as they opened their plant…the undercurrent was there in New Orleans  on many a “Shell Oil” site visits in the 1980s, and when I went to “The Special Event” in late 90s or early 2000s.  The hatred and un-earned superiority remained.   I vowed then to never go back – my few dollars would never support a part of the country so bigoted and proud of nothing but the days of slaves and cotton!

And here we are, 150 years after the start of the Civil War and not much has changed….it’s just become coded or gone underground when necessary-but it is always there-just below the surface to jump out and hit you in the face when you least expect it.   And now those Southern Democrats have shifted parties and have a tight rein on the Republicans.

So when I saw Chuck Thomson’s “Better Off Without “Em – A Northern Manifesto For Southern Secession”, it caught my eye, I chuckled, and was reminded of my own secession thoughts for them almost fifty years ago.  Of course I gave in, purchased the book and it sits on the corner of my desk as I write this, dressed in a jacket of confederate flag and GOP graphics….an irreverent and sometimes crude epistle that I can only take in small doses…but I was hooked with the Introduction and now am about two-thirds through and I am still thinking maybe we should have let them secede.

Think about it….It was not the Southern Whites that could figure out how to create jobs in their states for those less affluent than themselves….it took northern influence looking for cheap labor to take a gamble, build the auto plants and put people to work….so what would happen if the government run military bases moved north, the plants now needing less cheap labor (technological changes that reduce # of humans needed to work in factories) moved back up north.  Wonder how much cash they still have in the Confederacy bank to recreate themselves and take care of and support themselves…oh yes. There IS the oil that has replaced the cotton cash crop.

As I was pondering this topic once again, on August 23, the STRIB published a timely article by Jeffrey Kolnick entitled “GOP must slip its ugly skin” which tracked the story of Dixiecrats to Southern Democrats to the Democratic Party’s struggle to get them silenced that led them to jump ship and head for the Republicans.

 “Courageous Democrats fought a struggle for the soul of their party and won.  If the same struggle were to happen within the Republican Party, we might at last become a nation where no national party welcomes the intolerant and the bigoted.  But who among the Republicans has the courage of Alfred E. Smith or Hubert Humphrey”?

Therein lays the question of the day.  It surely was not Mitt Romney.  His long-held image of himself as President and his need to win means he succumbed to Dixie bedfellows.

We can only hope the United States of America  led by our President, Barack Obama, wins this struggle.





August 8, 2012

“I keep hearing Ka-ching! Ka-ching!….”

  -MN HOUSE WAYS AND MEANS CHAIR,  Republican Mary Liz Holberg-Lakeville

Sometimes, all one can do is shake one’s head as you look at the mess Republicans make of their own conflicting policy stands.

United across the country, Republicans want smaller national government, less taxes, and smaller federal budgets.  The rallying cry is LESS Fed  interference…States Rights…We in the states know best; we can take care of ourselves. Throw in a refusal to acknowledge a slow (but moving faster) climate change, and a major weather disaster in Northern Minnesota and what do you have?

…Whining that FEMA is not paying enough to help in the Minnesota disaster!

  • Tell me WHY one should expect MORE money from FEMA than we got in 2007 to cover a larger storm disaster in southern Minnesota;
  • Tell me WHY they should be surprised that their fiscal actions to cut budgets on a national level  should impact us on a state level;
  • And, tell me WHY they are surprised when they are the ones that refused to act on recommendations from the Office of the Legislative Auditor?

As a quick reference, the auditor suggested that we clarify when the state will pay the entire 25% match FEMA requires and when it will expect local governments to split the tab; address the same issues in the Flood Hazard Mitigation Grants; and decide what state help should be made available when FEMA declines to help.

Particularly in view of our current situation, that makes sense to me.  Had our Minnesota Legislature, led by the Republicans, taken the proposed action, we would have an agreed-upon disaster action plan.

Instead, they ignored it.  And now I am MAD.  In my world, it is considered incompetency not to have a clear disaster action plan for every meeting and event produced.  Is it too much to ask the same of our government?

Only when we as the people start holding state and federal legislators accountable for their inaction, will we facilitate change and a way to free ourselves from being victims of this absolute madness!

And being mad, I much more susceptible to the suggestion that just perhaps, the whining is due to discrimination.  We may not be hearing so much of it if the disaster was in Lakeville or Jordon instead of 15 counties and  3 tribal reservations in northern Minnesota.

Whatever, as the STRIB points out this morning, over the last 15 years, we have had 32 weather disasters ranked “severe” that cost the state $488 million…we are expecting that frequency to increase.

So perhaps it is time now for all of us with a common voice to demand responsible actions from our legislators or remove them from office!