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September 8, 2013

Interesting article in STRIB A17 entitled “World Watched as Syria Stockpiled” – to learn this all started in the 1980s, that First George Bush raised it as issue in 1991, that George W admin personnel admit they were well aware but had too many other “priorities” and that as Obama took office in 2009 and learned of the behind the scenes inactivity of 8 years of George W, it was flagged in high classified document to diplomats around the world by the STATE DEPARTMENT.


None of that helps the situation- so far I still can’t say with certainly where I personally stand on intervention issue except that, indeed, my instincts were correct – this is not an OBAMA issue but a 30 year failure of the US to act that has now come to a head.


And of course, Russia will block it in UN – they were a primary supplier of materials to accomplish this from the beginning…along with Iran, some Western European suppliers AND a few AMERICAN companies.


Fortunately, the  article ended on a positive note -Syria still depends on Russia and the Czechs for key resources – so perhaps the West can exploit this vulnerability to get Syria to stop.


Guess since this crossed Democratic and Republican Presidents both, we all should have a hard time looking at ourselves in the mirror – but at a minimum – it makes it hard to point the blame to Obama – he might be the only President in 30 years who had the courage to raise the issue and try to act to stop it.