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October 23, 2013

The more we learn, the more troubled we are.

There are philosophical issues of privacy vs. security/safety; there are technology issues as we transition into a digital world that we prefer to ignore vs. face head on; there are scope issues in terms of how much and under what circumstances on specifics; there are varying opinions from thought leaders on the overall effectiveness and direction; there are oversight and parameters issues. 

There is also a concern in terms of a young man some view as a traitor-some view as a hero-that at a minimum- exposed the lack of security around collected data, and a lack of adequate security measures to keep him away from the data.  There are hiring policy issues that allow a person who has been blocked from direct hire to skirt the system and become an outside contractor.   Add to those REAL issues, Politicians and Press trying to use this to their own personal favor and a Public that is in no position to sort it out, and we have a mess….not to mention the growing impact on global affairs and the fact that although we have a mess,  personally it seems as though we are just letting it take its toll with no correcting action nor buy-in. 

 I am still trying to figure it all out.  Having been a young adult that cheered the efforts to expose Nixon with the Pentagon Papers when all else tried had failed, I keep trying to balance hero vs. traitor in my own mind and continue to come up short.    Generally, my instinct tells me there were other ways to garner attention and  ”win” than the Snowden way. Generally, I think at a minimum, it should be a wake- up call to a major impact of the digital age.  Generally, I am disappointed that it has not yet  stimulated that BIG CONVERSATION of the Changing World brought on because of technological advances and why there is a need for recognizing it, non-political thought-leadership on what this means for the US and the World going forward, and then international discussions. 

Perhaps we need a review that focuses not on finger-pointing, name-calling, and positioning for political advantage, but instead,a factual historical review that focuses on broad issues that are not political but are overall US-Security based.  We do not need to agree or disagree with all the facts, but we do need to understand them.

  • Start with a non-political biased BACKGROUND BRIEF – where were we, what were the issues, how did this evolve and what were the security measures in place that formed the need for NSA in the first place.
  • Next, a REVIEW OF INITIAL POLICIES IMPLEMENTED and changes that have officially and unofficially taken place that morphed the idea and system into something that we may find is very different than original intent.
  • HOW MUCH DID TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES and “Because we can” play a role?
  • WHAT POLICIEIS ARE IN PLACE to keep things in balance going forward?

With a clear understanding of startup vs. where we are today, perhaps we can identify some clarity, get it cleaned up, make it work to protect our country without making it a BIG BROTHER is watching issue.

MAYBE since not only all American citizens are now aware of it, and the world is aware of it, it is time to examine, adjust, and look towards the future – not judge based on past century needs.

This issue has not yet moved from the EMOTION Stage to the EXAMINATION OF FACTS stage, and we need to do that so we find clarity first, and then can start thinking WHAT NEXT.

Instead, all of the has been thrown into a single pot and the resulting stew seems unappetizing to even the Repo and Demo chefs – let alone the American or International diners.  And yet, no one seems to be trying to figure out which ingredients are basic , which add flavor, and which just spoiled the  stew.