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November 12, 2013

I don’t like Christie’s political views but I do like his attitude for the most part so I was a little taken aback to read yesterday he took a position that Obama “lied” about healthcare.  Again, Obama did not lie.  The one year “bridge” insurance policies all are up in arms about were grandfathered out of the Affordable Health Care Act WITH THE CONDITION that issuing insurance companies would NOT ADD new policy holders.  Unfortunately, the corporate insurance world ignored the law and added new customers because, of course, they were not making enough profit as the audience  naturally dwindled…as existing customers became employed, qualified for Medicare,  were picked up on parents coverage because they were under 26, etc.  So, did the drafters of the law not see this coming is a valid point; they trusted the insurance companies to comply with the law.  And once again, the insurance world proved profits trump customers over the law and did what they wanted to do.  It was not a lie; Obama trusted the insurance companies and he and all those that voted to pass the Healthcare Act should not have done so.

Of course, I did not hear the actual statement made by Christie, so perhaps the “lied” was Press hyperbole; or perhaps with winning the second term as Governor, he now must shift gears as we’re “ONLY” two years from the Presidential election.

How sad it is that I am already hoping both Presidential “front-runners” fade to black.  Hillary had her chance; it’s time for new blood,   As for Christie…conservative, I’m not.  J 

We can only hope that our own example here in Minneapolis of taking a firm step into the 21st century by electing a young woman as Mayor supported by  a team with multi-cultural backgrounds to help us along the path to 2040, will become a model going forward nationally. 

Unfortunately, we have one big glitch.  The problems of the Republican Party national meltdown make the predictions for the future a bit hazy …except to know that they are already playing the blame game with their whining and cry of  “HE (that devil known as Obama) made me do it!”   

Oh yes, where were the Benghazi Headlines

And speaking of Republicans-what did they have to say  when they learned the main “witness” in Benghazi to the “mishandling of the situation by the US”  now revealed he was NOT EVEN THERE? 

One would be laughing at their stupidity if it were not so sad as Graham and McCain simply cannot acknowledge they did not have all the “facts” and were duped by a publicity-seeker, so they swore they would not back down!  The Angry Old Men will not give in so perhaps this will turn into a comedy as well, as they “stand their ground” and loudly protect a fame-seeker backed by a portion of the PRESS that did not do a good job of vetting the story!

Enough is Enough

And while I am on my soap box, we have the French and the Israelis posturing over first steps in over forty years to possibly move in right direction on Iran.

 Frankly, I dismiss the French….we continue to treat them like a world power when in my mind, the last time they were was when they supported the Colonies in the Revolutionary War.  Yes, a little exaggeration there, but come on, in the 20th century, they did not exactly cover themselves with glory.  And now they vote NO to a possible break-through in the mid-east that has been a tinderbox for 75 years!  

But the French aside, it is Netanyahu that I find hard to take.  Confession:  I have never liked him; I think he plays the martyr just a bit too much and over and over interjects his opinion as if he reins superior to all other international leaders. I’ve tried to talk myself into giving him a little leeway, but there is a part of me that says…he spent too much time in Massachusetts with Romney and enough is enough!

The WORLD is not ruled by Israel.  They cannot break every rule of peace and then point fingers at others.  They cry “persecution” every time they disagree.  Heretical as it may be, there are times I wish someone would point out that it was Christ, not Netanyahu, that walked on water.  He, like the rest of world leaders is just a human, with a right to his opinion, but certainly does not belong on a pedestal; sitting in judgment of other world leaders.

And then there is Christianity

Lest I get labeled anti-Semitic, I should make the point that although I believe God in general has a place in our government, I do not accept that any particular faith has a place.  Freedom of Religion to me means ALL religions – not just Christians like me, and I get rather irritated at our Right Wing political factions that wish to rule by Catholic Catechism.  They are welcome to their beliefs, but the Catholic Church is NOT synonymous with Christianity, and even within Catholic Church, they demonstrate daily they are merely human like the rest of us.

Certainly the Mpls/St. Paul Archdiocese is juggling evidence of that!  Finally, when issue after issue brought sexual misdeeds in the clergy to the forefront, MPR did a story on the facts, and Nienstedt now has pledged a PARTIAL LIST of predators and sex offenders will be released.    How caring of him!  Or is that just caring of his position of power?  Or maybe, quietly, he was reprimanded by the Pope.

Why remains to be seen but the fact remains that this “list” will not include offending priests that have left the Diocese, died, those removed from the priesthood, or priests accused of sexual misconduct with adults  signals to me all I need to know.  Nienstedt’s heart may be “heavy for the victims”….but he will continue to protect the institution over the flock as best he can.  Don’t expect a “cleansing of the temple” here.

And on a national level, we learned that Right Wing Republicans are not happy with the new Pope. I found that article in the STRIB very enlightening.  The issue centered around “church doctrine” NOT the teachings of Jesus as found in the Bible – recorded by those who witnesses His life.  That tells me a lot.

Finally, Sports Figures Idolization

Those who know me well know I am not a big football fan-although it holds my attention on occasion much more than baseball. 

First, I find it boring as they do more standing around and regrouping than they play – which is why 60 minutes gets stretched to 2.5 hours on a regular basis. Second, I have to question why we are so enthralled with a sport that pays players incredible amounts of money to put themselves in great physical danger.   And third, my personal experiences with several have shown me those held up as the great heros are OFTEN found lacking.  Oh yes, on occasion, I watch part of a game –partly because it is expected, partly because  of hometown pride-but generally, I am also reading a book at the same time so that I do not get too bored.

Add to that, my experience interacting with these guys at various Super Bowls in my incentive travel life, or the 1992 Super Bowl here, the Taste of NFL, or certainly the NFL Player of the Year Awards evenings  have shown me time after time that many of these guys are NO heroes! 

This latest stir-up about bullying is just one more thing to add to my list that reminds me I AM NOT THE CRAZY ONE.



July 23, 2012

“If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon.  And if you elect Mitt Romney, Iran will not have a nuclear weapon.”                                        – Mitt Romney, 2011


Every time I hear Mitt Romney declare “I have a plan”….I can’t help it, I wonder if this is his version of the “I have a dream” metaphor and that is why he expects we will just pick up and follow…without knowing any details.

The Empty Suit is heading to Israel to meet with the fire-cracker, Netanyahu.  And, of course, they will commiserate about how everyone else in the world is wrong on the approach to Iran, and together, the “birds-of-a-feather” will formulate a plan.  I have no doubt it will be one that puts “our greatest enemy- the USSR” in its place!

Please WORLD, do not let us go there again unless we can see the battle plan, and it includes how they will handle:

  • The Cost of War…on a credit card once more with the first payment due the day the next Democrat takes the Office of the President and has to clean up the damage?
  • The Costs of Lives Lost…and how this time, we won’t just count the Americans, but we will include the “collateral damage” – all the dead in other countries coerced to help us, and all the soldiers and innocent citizens of Iran and especially how we will compensate Iran for killing their future when we kill and traumatize their children.
  • The Costs of Rebuilding Iran…the infrastructure, the government, and how we can help with the innocents maimed (physically and mentally) and orphaned in this next land in which we choose to show off our might and stage our war games.
  • The Cost of Israeli Residual Damage…because surely, we do not think we will- with one strike- end this plan so there will be no losses in Israel – life, or infrastructure, or artifacts,
  • The Cost of Protecting the Antiquities…After lives lost in a unfinanced war, this is one of the greatest shames of Iraq…that we as Americans, put the glory of war ahead of preserving the stories and artifacts protected over thousands of years in this Cradle of Civilization.  During the Crusades, we secreted them away to the north; once we became more “sophisticated”, we simply deemed them not worth planning to preserve.

And then there are the costs to the United States ourselves. Before we go to war, we need a plan and verifiable budget to handle:

  • Support for the U.S. soldiers’ families left at home without much financial support;
  • How we offset the tax revenues lost when we pull men and women from jobs at home and send them off to war…perhaps to never return;
  • Support  returning veterans needs…medical, mental,  educational;
  • How we as a country replace those of the first generation of 21st century who will be impacted;
  • And, what is the plan to fill the gap with thinking that comprehends we live in a new world now where solutions of the past century should be regarded with mistrust…as most likely, there is a better way to solve the problems we encounter?   

“Father Knows Best” is not a convincing mantra today , especially when it appears most of those “fathers” are trying to preserve a bygone industrial world that will not return.

As a citizen of the United States, I would support an elected President Romney war campaign and “Support the Troops” as long as as that new Commander-in-Chief could lay out the strategy, tactics, associated costs, and a firm timeline from inception to successful conclusion.

And one last thing, that I am sure the “successful businessman of the 70-90s” can relate to:  I’d like to have a REAL/WIN/WORTH/RISK Analysis supporting this caper attached to the above documentation.   Then, as a woman business executive from the same era, I will have what I need to evaluate whether it’s a viable plan, or merely a plan of an empty suit, being supported on the hanger held by the neo-cons…one more time.