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September 4, 2013

Some of us first embraced what has become one of MPI’s five principles of Meeting Design back in 2008 during the Republican Convention in Minnesota when several small businesses successfully experimented with collaboration to produce an award-winning hospitality event for Medtronic.

It was cutting-edge at the time; it made sense; it worked well for us and for our client; and it was well recognized in the Events world with several Star Awards…as well as a lot of industry press.

Two years later, we came together again-a collaborative of individual businesses-armed with more knowledge  not only about how to better work together, but about how 21st century research  had unlocked more secrets to the brain and how it functioned.  A revolution was happening in adult learning.  We may have been the experts in times gone by, but in this new world, we had to make some changes.

An opportunity at Boston Scientific gave us a chance to do just that as we were selected in 2010 to produce an all employee one-day meeting for 5000 persons.  We learned more; the client achieved not only their objectives, but the event exceeded their expectations and we were engaged for a second time, to do a follow-up meeting a year later.  We added new skillsets to the team; we understood more and more as we went forward, and we earned more recognition in not only awards, but international press coverage.  By now, we knew we were on the right track, and engaged Brett Culp to tape that second meeting which then became a great sales tool for each of us, but also cast us into “Event Fame” when he shared it in his presentation at The Special Event in 2013.


 Meanwhile, we had already started on a new journey.  In February, 2012, we were approached by MPI Research to become the case study to support their new initiative to launch “MEETING DESIGN”.

 It was a long process, but in early August this year, I received my copy of the final version.  It then rolled out in the August, 2013 edition of MPI’s “The Meeting Professional” Magazine.  The complete MPI Toolkit followed on August 20.

It also debuted in Toronto at IncentiveWorks August 19-21, clearly spelling out the Five Principles of Meeting Design:

  1. 1.       Assessment and Evaluation
  2. 2.       Experience
  3. 3.       Distributed Learning
  4. 4.       Collaboration
  5. 5.       Meaningful Evaluation


And as I understand, the rollout will continue through 71MPI chapters around the world over the next 12-18 months. 

Our Minnesota “Collaboratory” is proud of our work; we are proud of the recognition; and we continue to learn and grow as each of us moves forward utilizing this 21st century way of thinking about meetings and adult learning.  Perhaps we’ll have some updates to share when MPI WEC arrives in MSP in 2014!