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October 30, 2010

Here I sit.  I know where I vote; I know when during the day I will vote; I know what the ballot looks like because I have reviewed the sample for our precinct.  I’ve listened to and read the positions of candidates on that ballot.   I just don’t know for whom I will vote-at least for Governor!

That’s a very different question in my mind than who do I think is the best candidate to lead this state out of the mess we are in. Unfortunately, despite four decades of a successful career in the business world, I’ve emerged as a moderate independent thinker that tends to lean a bit left of center.  And so elections are not easy for me…I generally do not buy blindly into either party line.

This year, I am generally appalled at most of Emmer’s positions compounded by his naiveté and a blustery good old boy personality of “I know best” so at least one candidate is eliminated from contention.   But I am also not totally convinced that Dayton is our man- despite agreeing with him on many things including the tax-avoiding snowbirds I think of as the migrant moochers.  And we all know the theory of voting for the independent just means throwing your vote away.

But then, has there ever been a candidate that scores 100% on alignment of problem identification AND proposed solutions?  I don’t believe so, and to think otherwise tends to broadcast that the voter who thinks so is most likely close-minded, uninformed, and often driven by fear and uncertainty masked as an “I know the truth” attitude-no matter which truth-right or left-they have endorsed.

In the end, I believe most in that big portion of voters in the middle, assess candidates and vote based on whomever we feel will best address our own particular issues in a manner that resonates with us.  This year is particularly hard, for the world has changed and the two main political parties continue to insist on 20th century slogans, actions, and criteria for judgment.

But we live in a different world today, with no rules to guide us.  As for me, I don’t have a clear vision of what that changing world means and how it should be addressed, but am at least comforted in the fact that I recognize it is a different world.   And I do know that open-mindedness, listening, idea exchange, and above all, collaboration, represent the most appealing pathway to explore this new world in which we find ourselves. 

Tom Horner, with little chance to win, is the only candidate I think understands that.   And only a candidate with that approach can make progress on issues that are important to me.  I am fairly confident he would get input, collaborate, and select an action to go forward.  Would he also monitor, assess, modify, abandon and replace campaign action plans if they are found not to work? 

We should all recognize that we don’t know what we don’t know until we are in the midst of something –no matter how much we do ahead of time to alleviate that void.  So what we think and commit to today may change tomorrow and to succeed, we need to modify our thinking as we move forward.

 Generally, I believe Horner’s record shows he can do that.  But has he been scared by the old school political and media measurements from the 20th century that have been placed on Obama- who won by the way, because he recognized a new century and time to change?  Or will Horner be able to objectively look at a plan that perhaps cannot work, abandon it, replace it with something else – all in the spirit of “We didn’t fail; we just have not succeeded yet”.  And more important, can he manage the voters’ expectations to allow that to happen and thus, be viewed as making progress, not failing?

I just don’t know.  It is asking a lot.  But my heart tells me, I should not vote based on who I think will win, or who I want to keep out of office, but  for whom I think is best suited – even if that means my vote cast may be considered by some to be thrown away.

I can always hope that, assuming Dayton still wins, the votes for Horner will be significant enough that Dayton will recognize it would be wise to include Horner in some significant role in his administration, and collaborating and working together, more of my issues will be addressed!

Yup, I am the eternal optimist- despite witnessing how polarized our world is, and how brutally Obama has been judged – so far.