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October 10, 2010

Finally, a particular touchy situation has come to the fore in this election cycle in Minnesota. Some have actually publically raised the issue of Minnesota Snowbirds who carefully stay out of the state one day more than 6 months so they can avoid paying taxes. Now open for discussion is that topic our Minnesota Nice attitude has sheltered and protected for years. We no longer need pretend this is acceptable behavior. But as I have listened to the discourse, and read the spot-on Letters to the Editors from Michael Schook and Craig Brown in the STRIB this morning, I feel we are still tip-toe-ing around some of the most despicable aspects of this issue.

It has been my observation that these “entitled” citizens are active and tax-paying Minnesotans for 20-30 years as they take advantage of an environment conducive to amassing their fortune in an atmosphere they deem anti-business. Just think what they could have made had we been a state friendly to their endeavors! And did you ever wonder why they did not move away during those years if our taxes and investments in the state were so harmful? Or is it simply their nature as the entitled moochers to feel they deserve more?

Yes, I have some bias. These are the men parodied on MAD MEN; these are the good old boys that tried hard to protect their privileged worlds in the 60s and 70s – and keep women in their place at home. These are the men that reaped the rewards often earned by underlings. These are the men that most of us learned were not quite as smart as their facades. These are the men that see no reason not to hire illegal immigrants and migrant workers; after all, it saves them money so they can become migrant moochers. These are the men we may all know and love for their good hearts; but that does not excuse their attitudes.

But I digress – my actual issue is that after that short period of time investing efforts for a good return, these folks then become part time moochers for another 15-25 years. Each year, they return to Minnesota for that one day less than 6 months – in spite of it being such a bad place…and while they are here, they use the roads and infrastructure, expect police and fire protection, tap into local medical services and generally are fairly vocal about what needs to be changed. And somehow, they feel they are clever for beating the system; and feel justified to do so–despite not paying their fair share.

So every winter, like the robber barons and landed gentry of times gone by, they invade the tranquil, sunny regions to our south, oft times full of disdain and fear of the local inhabitants of the playgrounds and gated communities to which they escape. There, they surround themselves with snow “birds of a feather”, and try to recreate mini-Minnesotas of which they dream – frequently destroying the ecological balance of their half time homes.

But even this seasonal migration of the moochers might be tolerable except that many, as they continue to age, tire of showing off accumulated wealth, have satisfied their wanderlust, develop health issues that make it more difficult to participate in the migration ritual, or simply want to spend their last years with their family, so they migrate one last time – back to Minnesota.

Oh please, spare us! Unfortunately that means they are back for another 10-20 years-often with less net worth upon which to be taxed-much of which has been gifted, protected, or spent, but still expecting all the services and support of the state….yes, that same state in which they don’t feel they need to invest but certainly want a voice.

I doubt we will settle this issue this election cycle, but thank you to those that have allowed it to surface. It gives me hope that sometime in the future, Minnesota will pass our own style of targeted Immigration Laws to control these migrant moochers from robbing our state.