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November 24, 2009

I understand the current health care reform debate is a very personal issue for everyone. I understand that it has also become a political strategy for the out-of-power political party to wage war with those that defeated them. I understand a bill with this impact creates a sense of bargaining power for every dissenter of any piece of the bill. But the fervor on the talk shows, cable TV and newspapers today seems a bit hyped and overblown as the fear-mongering reaches a whole new level each day. I agree, we each should bring up our personal concerns to light so that they can be taken under consideration, but in my mind, that is different than what is happening.

So what have I misunderstood?

• Wasn’t health care reform a promise to the American Public from both political parties in the 2008 Political Campaigns? Didn’t both candidates and most voters want reform?

• Isn’t the current heated discussion about a DRAFT of a bill up for discussion to be amended and voted on in the Senate that then must be merged with a House Bill, amended a second time, and then voted on again before we have anything to rage about?

• Aren’t the recommendations and restrictions being debated today only applicable with the public option?

• Doesn’t option mean choice? Won’t we have a choice to participate in the proposed public option or keep our existing health insurance?

• If we rage about proposed restrictions in the reform bill, why haven’t we raged equally as loud at the restrictions in our existing health insurance policies?

• If we think a public option is government control we do not want, are we willing to give up social security and Medicare which are also government programs?

In the last six months, my health insurance carrier paid less than $200 on a MRI billed at over $1500 and then informed me they would no longer pay for a prescription that costs almost $90 a month (with no generic drug substitution available). That’s two restrictions imposed by the insurance carrier that cost me personally almost $2000 on top of making individual health care premium payments – which, by the way, increased over 10% again this year.

I guess for me personally, I would rather pay for my annual mammogram myself than continue to be imprisoned by the insurance carrier – subject to increase after increase and denial after denial of coverage. After all, the choice is mine – if I want a mammogram, I can have it – it just may not be paid for by the government.

Of course, if I choose the public option, I may just save enough money that it won’t be a burden to pay for my own mammogram.