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October 16, 2013


As long as the Mad Hatters continue to stand firm on holding the country hostage – determined they are righteous in their demands, here’s my suggestion:

Let’s go ahead and vote in their suggestions on a TEST basis implementing all the actions they advocate – just in the districts they represent.  Cancel every single bit of federal dollars going to those districts.

A demonstration of what the US government does for all citizens might be just what Tea Party followers need.  My bet is they will vote every one of them out of office next election when they discover what most of us know:   Mad Hatter plans will be VERY HARMFUL to the citizens of the district.

And if they are not voted out, it may be time to revisit the Secession idea again – not with a war, but with a national vote!


This morning’s STRIB reflects a little of world opinion of the US today:

“Not only Greece…has irresponsible and short-sighted politicians…Americans are getting a taste of the same medicine”.  Now that’s harsh – coming from a Greek citizen.  Remember our reaction as we watched Greece default?

In Mexico, they are calling it “berrinche” or tantrums-which commonly mean “spoiled little rich kids, blind to their privilege and the effects of their misbehavior.” 

And these are the people we want to build a bigger and longer physical wall to keep out of our country? I’d say, they would be well-served to use it to keep the Mad Hatters out of THEIR country!  Berrinche shows they have more sense than some of our own Confederate flag-waving Mad Hatters.

Generally, the Mexicans feel it is a “display of American arrogance.” 

That the reaction around the world follows a similar tone makes me very very sad.


Or at least by one person – David Perlman of New Hope-a software engineer for 35 years!

As the Obamacare sign up began and we were seeing a few glitches, I had no concern.  Been there; done that….on much smaller scales and I know what to expect.  I wrote a blog about the same thing just a few days ago.

As reports of high volume continued, I kept reassuring myself that on one hand, it was a GOOD problem to have: to see that many people were indeed interested in at least seeing the options and possibly getting registered was encouraging.

But the Press grabbed hold of the naysayer comments and together with the the Tea Party, they turned this into a major disaster.  Eventually, I talked myself into being wrong. And as time passed (short as it was), and the opportunities to manipulate and create fear increased and were capitalized on, I started to become anxious.

Fortunately, I scanned the Letters to the Editor displayed under the “Affordable Care Act” subtitle this morning.

The first from Chip Allen reminded me of myself when I have just been pushed over the edge about something I feel strongly  – if I do not exercise a little care; I begin to sound like Chicken Little thinking the Sky is falling-as readers of the blog surely have witnessed.  In this case, it was the Rooster crowing that the sky is falling.  So I am not criticizing Chip in Woodbury; I’m just sayin’….a little emotional rhetoric I think that unfortunately tettered on the edge of not only disrespect, but hysteria.  Obviously, this is something he cares deeply about.

So, after that hit me in the face, I grabbed on to the lifeline of the first sentence in David Perlman’s Letter:  “I don’t understand the hype about the disaster that was the initial offering of “Obamacare.”

And it got better from there.

“…the biggest problem was that the servers were insufficient to handle the volume of inquiries, and every business person knows that having more customers than you can service is the best kind of problem to have.”

At this point I am nodding – after all, how can you not agree that although airplanes were not very reliable in 1915, that did not mean we should abandon flying; instead, we designed and built better airplanes?

By the end of the letter, I felt better – at least one person besides me in this world viewed the opening of the exchanges as a “resounding success” based on the volume of inquiries.  Likewise, it had some bad glitches – based on the volume of inquiries. 

You build a system; you test it.  It hiccups back at you.  You fix it. It’s not the system, it’s the healthcare improvements for all that is important.  Just need to keep sight of what the goal is, and we will all be okay, I think.


“professors…present special versions of their very best lectures.”

The topics are intriguing; I even considered going as a birthday present to myself, but….

I am afraid of that word “LECTURES” coupled with “pure joy of learning”.  I am afraid this is a 20th century philosophy of adult learning and not a 21st century learning application and I will have wasted my money…even though It is produced by Twin Cities Public Television. And I would be so mad if I paid $159 for it and it was just more same old, same old.   More research needed, I guess, as those that know me, know “if you have a good birthday, you have a good year; but if it’s a disaster or even just disappointing, the year that follows reflects that as well!  That is why November 2 is ALWAYS a vacation day for me – I certainly don’t need to jinx it with work!


All I REALLY want for my birthday is for this debt crisis to be settled for a year; If I can’t have that,  I will gratefully take a short reprieve…but maybe we could, as citizens for whom Congress works, insist that no more vacations or breaks until we have a resolution .  J