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January 18, 2011

I don’t purport to understand at all the article in the STRIB this weekend that featured LVX Systems and the founder’s theory that lights are a better way to transmit data.  But as I read that he has been called crazy, I was reminded of something from my own long-ago past.

A wonderful Minnesota jazz group, Flim and the BBs, were among the first –back in 1982- to record their music on a CD.  Even three years later, after a recording session for an industrial show for Coke, when one of the “BBs”, Billy Barber, offered me a copy of that recording – I chose the audio tape version, not the CD.  Not only did I not have a CD player yet, I had never heard of CDs.  And yes, at the time, I was in the media production business.   I am sure I thought he was crazy despite being told the CD would replace tapes. It was only several years later, when the tracks were re-mastered in 1992, that I became a proud owner of the CD TRICYCLE- as well as several others that captured the music of Flim and the BBs. 

Little did I think then that CDs, as well, would become obsolete with the invention and popularity of the  I-Pod-yet another crazy idea that has changed our culture.

A good lesson, I think, for all of us.   It seems like most successful innovation starts with someone who is committed enough to their new ideas to push them forward-even when their peers discount or drag their feet.    That is a comforting thought to me as we continue to push for a new meetings and events model and are often met with criticism, misunderstanding, and fear of change.