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June 2, 2012

Friday nights are “ME” time.  In my youth it was school games and gatherings, parties, dates, and a poker party or two with the girls.  I might take an extra night on my shift at the Kahler if I needed money, but surely not on Friday nite!    As I transitioned into my life in the business world, it remained a sacred time…at BI, a night with whomever of the Travel Gang was not on the road…and at Carlson, it was perhaps the only night of the week you could be sure you would not find me in my office… as I was at Mulligan’s- “unwinding”. 

And then my life changed as I became a one-person company so socializing with co-workers faded into the past and slowly but surely Fridays emerged as time for me and the news – to the point that I often find myself shifting get-togethers with friends around to Thursday or Saturday so I can be sure to be home for the weekly ritual.   Early Friday afternoon is also ME time- but reserved for errands, or a visit to MIA, or the Walker, or a walk along the river.  But by late afternoon I’m back and catching up with MSNBC talk show hosts; then KARE-11 for local and national news; and then for sure, do not interrupt me  – I’ m glued to Public TV – can’t miss Brooks and Shields on PBS, nor Almanac for my weekly dose of of Minnesota news and politics with Eric and Kathy, and then to Gwen for Washington Week in Review. 

So yesterday was no exception-even though I knew it would be aggravating, as all attention would be focused on a “bad” job report (I consider the millions of jobs losses of 2008-9 to be BAD news, so interesting to see how perspectives change over four years, isn’t it?)  And of course, that is exactly what I heard…..a variation of the theme of Chicken Little’s “The sky is falling in”.

The second gloom and doom message followed, naturally, as over and over I heard the DOW was wiping out all the gains made all year.  The stock market has spoken; the economic slowdown is widening and accelerating…gold went up, Treasury bonds were forced a record-low and the downward spiral was happening again…Obama is a one-term President and Romney will win.  What?  Aren’t these the same experts that started this whole mess?  Sometimes I fantasize how great the country would be if we just did not TELL those Wall Street Boys any bad news; then they would not panic and do their knee-jerk thing, and by today, the possibility for gloom and doom would have passed.  Yes, in the real world, I know better, but over and ovber these guys prove they are not very level headed, can’t be calm in view of unfavorable news, and yet we tie our whole world to them.

But last night there was another news thread that ran from afternoon all the way through to 8:30 when I had ODed and fled from the TV.  I guess they just ran out of ways to say over and over, THE SKY IS FALLING-  Job creation is stalled and Armageddon is coming.  So they ALL zeroed in on some comments made by Clinton that Romney did meet the qualification requirements to be considered  to run for President.  And the spin was clearly, here is another surrogate for Obama that is sabotaging him.  Really?

Thanks to the STRIB this morning, I learned what the real jist of the comments were about.  Clinton while predicting that Obama would win a second term suggested BOTH CANDIDATES change this negative campaign cycle that is already driving most of us to tune out.  “I think the real issue ought to be, what  has Governor Romney advocated in the campaign that he will do as president?  What has President Obama done and what does he propose to do?  How do these things stack up against each other?”

As far as I am concerned, that was a voice of an elder statesman,  warning both candidates and the world to quit acting like pre-schoolers fighting in the sandbox.

I am tempted to change up my Friday night ME time – maybe read a book each week until Nov 2 – tune in for an update, spend the weekend deciding who to vote for, and go vote on November 6 – oblivious to five months of childish battles – at least I will have avoided having sand thrown in my eyes!