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September 24, 2012

A quick thought this morning as I recall a passing comment from Joe Klein on the Chris Matthews show yesterday….

He shared that some see the Eastwood/empty chair moment at the Republican Convention, as a Republican joke gone bad as it points out the President Obama the Republicans have imagined/made up and are fighting against is an imaginary character. 

Rumor has it, while most intelligent Republicans had horror spread across their face when Eastwood was on stage, Romney was in the wings “gaffawing”.  I think back to those circumstances and the passing filler remarks from the news commentators that hinted that Eastwood, specifically asked to speak by Romney, was an attempt to say, “see, Democrats are not the only ones with influential Hollywood friends”; that no one even thought to ask him what he was going to say or do on behalf of their party and candidate; that Eastwood himself said that anyone who asks him to speak at the convention deserved what he got-all certainly lead to the conclusion that Romney is a loose cannon. 

That is bad enough for the Republicans, and would be a disaster for the country, but really gave some unwanted insight into the future were Romney elected….If we thought his London visit was less than Presidential, I think we would need to be prepared for more of the same….we could be apologizing to countries around the world for four years!

But the real importance of Klein’s comment yesterday continues to haunt me today.  That Obama is portrayed as invisible/imaginary through use of an empty chair being addressed by an old man is really telling.   Indeed, from Day One when the Republican leaders met after the Inauguration to plot their strategy of do-nothing and obstruct, they created in their minds a bogeyman leading our country.  And little by little, over four years as they created a powerful movement of obstruction and character assassin they also created an image of Obama that is imaginary and untrue.    And apparently they did so with no regrets or even understanding of what they were doing, as today, they and their followers all believe the myth they invented.

Make no mistake, I do not think Obama scores 100% on his job evaluation; no one has that came before him, and no one will that will come after him.  But again, I believe in the whole, he has the understanding of what is needed to transition to the 21st century and the world in which we live today.  And on the whole, has accomplished what non-political economists realistically projected he could accomplish in the timeframe of the first term to fix the mess made in the previous eight years.

And what we do NOT need is the Romney cocoon of a 1980s-1990s “successful” business man. ..who also happens to be – not a man with an imaginary “friend”; but a man proud to share his an imaginary “enemy” with his party and a nation of potential constituents.  Not good, that.