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September 18, 2013

NSA Noise But No Changes

Isn’t it telling that despite the clamor when NSA practices were “uncovered”…our Congressional leaders most likely will take little or no action?

That says to me, one more time, the Press was looking for something to fill “airtime”.  Or – although it seemed like a good Obama “gotcha” as it surfaced, when  they dug for the dirt, they finally figured out Obama inherited this mess from George W and the neo-cons.

Perhaps they also found that Obama himself has been uncomfortable with the practice – just like he said; but his advisors (mixed Repo/Demo) had not been able to offer acceptable alternatives that balance safety and privacy in a better way.

So it looks to me like the Press and Snowden created a lot of “noise”, but those responsible in our Congress have not yet been able to find their way out of a mess they allowed to happen.

This may just become the story to trump another uncomfortable one in our past when as we went to war with Japan in WW11, we rounded up the Japanese – Americans on the west coast and sent them to US concentration camps – at the same time we were going off to fight Hitler justified partly by German concentration camps for the Jews.

When will we learn as a country not to be quite so self-righteous?  Often gray is the right solution; not black or white.

 Laying Down the Conservative Law

In the midst of the debate on economic recovery, has the legislature once again been maneuvered into a “gotcha” by that darn Obama?

Think about it.  The House has done little but plot against this administration. But fractious divisions within the Republican Party may have just gone one step too far.

Trying to overturn Healthcare which was passed into law by Congress and the Administration, the House is now backed into a corner.  So they’ve laid down the Conservative Law.

  • Unless Healthcare is repealed (not gonna happen) they will deny support for financing the government beginning October 1.
  • They will not increase borrowing limit in mid-October.
  • This means Government Shutdown.

We shall see what happens, but I am betting on Obama.  Monday, while the world watched the tragedy at the Navel Yard unfold, Obama did what he is so good at doing…he quietly made his case.

Oh yes, you can argue that he should have postponed the speech in view of the crisis unfolding at the Naval Yard and I admit, it seemed a bit incongruous ; but as the audience waited for him to appear, cameras continued to pan the briefing room and it was full of waiting reporters…so I guess they were part of the” problem”, weren’t they?  If Obama is being criticized for  bad judgment, what about the waiting audience- pencils poised to capture the “scoop”?

First, he reminded the American Public that this “crew” tried this in 2011; the result was a slow down in economic recovery…just as the predicted.

He then quickly outlined what his administration has done since 2008…it’s an impressive list for a man who some continue to call a do-nothing president.

Next, he pointed out that the 2011 threats from these folks included the rationale that they had to be listened to because of our deficits (conveniently, as usual, overlooking George W and the Neo –con actions that created that crisis).  Unfortunately for the Conservatives, deficits did not increase as they predicted, but instead, they declined, as the Democrats knew they would….thus, leaving “egg on their conservative faces” so to speak.         

Fast forward to 2013.  The naysayers needed a switch in tactics to cover up how wrong they were.  But as they looked around for a new hook, what did they pick?  Healthcare!

  • Yes, the bill that was sponsored by the Obama Administration
  • Yes, the bill that was passed in the House
  • Yes, the bill that was passed in the Senate
  • Yes, the law the conservative Supreme Court ruled Constitutional.
  • Yes, the same law these folks have tried to repeal over 40 times.

Three branches of government just like outlined in our Constitution have disagreed with the conservative nutcases; attempts to repeal the law have failed over 40 times.

We all know the bluster of these folks won’t work but I bet this quote from the President will be found for generations in our history book:

“I cannot remember a time when one faction of one party promises economic chaos if it can’t get 100 percent of what it wants.”

Sets them up pretty well for the idiots they are, “dontcha think”?!!


Fracking Update

“Industry” study indicated gas leaks from fracking sites fewer than thought.

As I read the headline, I thought- great; we are learning more; maybe I am wrong to take such as firm anti-fracking stance.

Not so fast, Cheryl!  The study was done by the University of Texas (they certainly were picked because they are a “neutral” party, aren’t they?) along with nine GAS PRODUCERS!  The group responding to the study with doubt was a Washington-based environmental group. (Lobbyists, perhaps?)

So with opposite parties most likely representing extremes on either side of the issue…who should concerned citizens believe?

How do we get a NEUTRAL assessment instead of this craziness?






October 29, 2012

THE STORM: It’s hard to wrap my mind around what is happening on the East Coast….Praying more people than not have heeded the warnings and have taken shelter away from the water….tonight continues to be forecast as VERY BAD when it actually comes ashore.

YES to Excelsior MN Fire Chief Scott Gerber( along with several Hennepin Cty, MN-based federal employees and private companies from MN) who is back in Boston to help them with Hurricane Sandy – just like he did with IRENE.

Watch the Supreme Court closely today….discrimination against blacks, American Indians, Asian-Americans, Alaska natives and Hispanics is at stake.

YES to Target for bringing James Dyson and his message to Target’s internal product designers and engineers….”I encourage wrong thinking which is the unconventional or obtuse way of doing things…if you don’t take risks you slowly wither because things change and you don’t keep up.”

Good message; first, I am growing weary of same product – just new color – standard of Target in recent times; and second, it’s a good message to ANY designer in any industry – including ours….when an event picture can be quickly identifed as YOUR WORK, step back, rethink, and figure out how to push the envelope!

OPEN LETTER from MN Business and Non-Profit leaders ( in STRIB Business Section today is pretty impressive…the Message AND the Signatures both. Think carefully about the negative impact to our state if this petty proposed amendment is passed. VOTE NO!

Oh dear…little did I know Ecolab provides chemicals used in fracking! We need to learn more about this in view of October 10 US Environmental Protection Agency report that water tests near the natural gas drilling site in Wyoming establish first link between hydraulic fracturing and tainted water!…Meanwhile, industry-funded studies continue to say fracking poses no threat to groundwater or air quality. This descrepency needs to be addressed.

Just read that racial attitudes have not improved….a slight majority of Americans express prejudice towards blacks as well as Hispanics. Politically the split is pretty telling: 79% Republicans and 32% Democrats. As our national demographics continue to move towards whites becoming the minority population, what in the world will these people do?

Which reminds me of a report over weekend regarding white parents who are still focusing on keeping children in all white schools at all cost. Yes, I understand the thought that the formal education is better – but is it really and why? More important, as whites become the minority, we will begin to realize these well-meaning parents are doing their children a disservice? I would think as minority ratios in our population rise, it would be better to have relationships with non-whites as well of those that look, act, and think just like us.

Buried in the news by the storm is the fact that of course, the  holiday TRUCE in Syria did not hold; and WORSE, with Iraq as a major influencer, it is moving towards a multi-national religious war between Sunnis and Shiites.

The STEPPING UP Strib article again praises China as an export opportunity. Today I read that Minnesota exports to China have increased 89% in last three years, as China became our second LARGEST export partner, behind Canada. That is probably a good thing – contributing to our lower unemployment and better economic situation than many other states, but….I was glad to see the acknowledgement of concerns re sustainability of emerging Chinese middle class and potential issues that could economically impact us if not watched carefully.

Quick thought:  WHO looks more presidential…Obama overseeing the storm preparations and taking care of American citizens…or Romney crazy on the campaign trail…looking for a personal advantage created by the storm.  I’m thinking I have seen this attitude before – in the mid 2000’s maybe?

Finally, I still have not made it to the RED DOT outside Olson’s new home at the old Ford Plant. Hve you? The idea of the red decor seen through the windows on the upper floors spelling out OLSON is awesome – just blows my mind how anyone first of all–thought of that, and second, figured out how to make it a reality!