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September 12, 2010
    In spite of the glow of success of our recent CRV event this summer, I missed the adrenalin rush of discovery as time constraints of the project meant no available slots in the day for reading, researching, exploring, and discussing new ways to push the envelope. I missed those quiet times of contemplating why…and why not.

    So in between the laborious task of reviewing supplier invoices, generating our own final invoice for CRV, and reconnecting with clients needing assistance with Fall events, I committed to attending EventCamp Twin Cities 2010.

    WOW! I got my fix of Social, Innovation, Experimentation, and Collaboration – just as Sam Smith and Ray Hanson promised I would. I am almost glad I could only make half the sessions as my head is spinning with new approaches, new questions, and discussion after discussion after discussion!

    Yes, guys, I am inspired to try new communication and collaboration techniques at my events;

    Yes, guys, you demonstrated how to harness participant power and transform that energy into new ideas and solutions that change business;

    Yes, guys, this innovation lab allowed us to experiment and push the boundaries!

    And wasn’t it great that one of my favorite blogs – Velvet Chainsaws Midcourse Connections won the Blog Award for “Best Industry Advancement”?

    Congratulations Sam and Ray for the initiative and hard work bringing the EventCamp experience to the Twin Cities. And Congratulations, Jeff Hurt for the blog award!

    And now, I have a new “to-do” list , a new list of books to find and my Personal Introspective Card to keep me focused and moving forward exploring better ways to deliver meetings and events in the 21st century!