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August 31, 2013

All week, the rabid Press has been in an uproar.  Despite the President saying over and over that he had not made a final decision on what was to be done in terms of Syria, we saw feature after news feature outlining how wrong he was. 

First, he was wrong because he did not wait for the UN Inspectors to return.  Hmmm.  Far as I know, he prepared for, but had not decided during the very same time the UN Inspectors were in Syria.  Nevertheless, the Press screamed and (almost worse) kept spitting into the microphones – unable to contain themselves in their stirring up the pot of how wrong the President was.  One impassioned commentator almost cried as he asked why Obama couldn’t just wait two days so the inspectors trying to help were “out of harm’s way”.  

Personally, that term is one that makes ME want to cry.  Do we have to mimic the drama of the Bushman?  What is wrong with the word “danger”?   But I digress.

And on and on they raged.  Couldn’t he at least let the UN Inspectors do their jobs?  Far as I could tell, he was doing that; but from the Press angst, something must have happened I was unaware of-but I listened to news until 8:30PM and never was enlightened as to what that was!  By this morning I had figured it out-just a bad case of Press hype – gone astray.

In the meanwhile, the Press continued to focus on the weekend of terror coming up; because after all, the President was leaving shortly for Russia and the G-8, and he had to get this done before he left.

And yet, coming from Obama was …”I have not made up my mind yet”.  Maybe you hadn’t, my friend, but the Press had and not only that, they had moved on to critiquing how it was going to roll out.   In fact, we were really into polls last night.  The Public does not agree with Obama not having Congressional support when he bombs Syria tomorrow…well, that’s not exactly what the figures on the screen said.…79% approve if Congress also approves, but Obama is earning his lowest support in 5 years…only 20% are with him in his plan to bomb Syria tomorrow-without asking for Congressional support.

Today, more of the same…..until the President announced what he was going to do.

He decided that 1) we needed to move against Syria; and 2) that we would go to Congress for their consent (just like he advised AND voted, by the way, when Bush declared war.)

He also indicated he would not call Congress back due to the upcoming Jewish holiday, but instead, will take this to Congress on September 9.  As I understand it, that was in response to conversations with Congressional leaders last night.  However, today the Military have started to whine.  They of course, think that it should happen tomorrow as it won’t be a surprise next week.  I don’t understand why they think it would be a surprise if it happened tomorrow; the press has been telling us it would be today or tomorrow for a week! Go figure.


And now, those very same Press that were criticizing yesterday did a 180 today, and they all have their undies in a bundle about how wrong his decision was…..

I cannot count the number of times I have heard on two different stations in that last hour speculation about “what caused the President to change his mind”.  I am not sure the President DID change his mind.  I think he had NOT decided – just as he said. And late yesterday, he did decide.  It just was not what the PRESS had decided several days ago…so to them, of course, he changed his mind.

But according to the Press, I am wrong.  Britain made him lose his determination….Just what is this costing to have those ships standing by….and why did he leave this hanging and go off to play golf this afternoon?

Excuse me?  Yesterday he was wrong because he was acting too fast.  Today he is wrong because he is holding off for a week and will go to the G-8 for additional discussion.  And he is especially a bad boy because he is out playing golf with VP Biden this afternoon.  The NICEST thing said about Obama today was that after all, he was a Constitutional scholar, and philosophically, during the Bush Administration did not think Bush should have initiated war without Congressional approval.  As a result, this has been a difficult philosophical struggle for him.

As the day went on, I found out so much more.  Little did I know the ships that were repositioned had been in dry dock and the crew was on leave.  What?  You say that is not the case? They were just patrolling elsewhere?  Well, then why is it costing so much more money now?  Oh, I see.  Just another Press fabrication; it is not costing more money. Despite the Press angst, we should not be worrying about the money it was costing to have five ships readied.

Andrea Mitchell for one, is particularly irritated both about the cost of the ships and about the golf.  She raised it as a major issue on a show I happened to be tuned to.  Then she raised it again. And then she did her own War Report at 4 PM, and after getting no traction the first two times, the person asked the third time sided with Obama; indicated it has been a hard week, and with another hard week ahead, it might be good for a couple hours down time.

But the “we know best” Press continued on.  First, we now look bad because the President changed his mind and now we are regarded as wishy-washy through- out the world.  How will we live that down?   Further, we have lost the surprise.  What Surprise, I think.  We have talking about this on every news program for a week!

Second, the focus has moved to “a strike will do nothing”  based on input from two military experts –well known from ten years ago.  Now, I don’t mean to complain, but really?  We are calling on Bush war advisors to show us what Obama is doing wrong?  Another bunch of retired angry old men with expertise rooted in Viet Nam.    It brought to mind that old military guy that was pushing for trained horses before WWII…or was that a myth?

Third, I guess the afternoon really showed me how much we keep our President in the dark and only the Press has the facts and expertise to handle these issues. I also learned that military trump both the President and the Congress.  So the latest at 5:30 was that we are now headed for a total disaster.

Seriously, I do not know what the right answer is, but I definitely know not to trust the Press of today. But then again, I am sure if we look at the ratings for the news shows this afternoon, they sky-rocketed.  Never mind if the public was better informed.  It’s all about the ratings.