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May 9, 2012

Nothing less can describe my thoughts this morning when I read in the STRIB that “Big Chages” for the MOA/South Loop are based, one more time, on Bloomington’s philosophy that “if we put in the infastructure, they will come.”  Larry Lee, Bloomington’s community development director continued with “we’ve had success with that in the past.”.  I could only think to myself, compared to what?

Perhaps Larry should have been invited to participate in the Charles Landry Residency this week before he allowed the STRIB to publicize his out-dated and oft-proven-wrong approach.

In fact, just last night, many of us were gathered at the Capri in North Minneapolis to hear how routing the infastructure through the metropolitan area impacted north Minneapolis (and Rondo, and other areas we struggle with) and what we can do now to try to compensate.

Unfortunately, while the rest of the metro is engaged in a collaborative effort to rethink and reassess how best to make the Twin Cities world-class with a focus on Civic Urbanity (cultural literacy, healthy urban planning, eco-consciousness, and creative city-making), Bloomington apparently has chosen more of the same old, same old that helped us create the problems we have today.

Perhaps I am being too harsh; perhaps the STRIB article presented an incorrect picture of what is taking place; perhaps the question “what is the cost of not valuing clulture and creativity has been assessed, or perhaps the “infastructure changes” are not BIG as the STRIB communicated, but simply minor adjustments.

Nevertheless, it is worth the caution to point out an Einstein quote Landry has used both Monday and Tuesday (which I admit in advance, may be a bit paraphrased due to my notetaking):

Thinking that got you where you are is not the thinking that will get you to where you want to be