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April 4, 2014


Perhaps the IRS should review some of the background information in my library on adult learning and the role of art and activity in interactive engagement and change.  Independent artists being denied small business status is an atrocity.   MSP at least understands the place of art in modern urban planning-that’s why Mpls. has a city department identified as CREATIVE PLACE-MAKING….and the DMCC in Rochester is not doing too badly in understanding the role of art in their new remake and community building plans.


A little sanity, finally, in the noise level in clubs discussion.  Never mind the cost for ear plugs…as a guest, I’d be more concerned about a “what if”:  What if they gave me a used pair?  YUCK!

This whole discussion sounds like craziness.  Why aren’t we regulating the NOISEMAKERS and not the victims for goodness sake!

It would not be hard; would not cost much; and would do the trick!

Legislate that sound cannot exceed x decibels.  A Radio Shack sound meter at each club would be a lot less expensive than a never ending supply of disposable earplugs-which , by the way, seems a pretty negative for the environment in packaging and disposable ear plugs.  Will these be biodegradable?

Back in the day when I was still booking entertainment for my events, I often added the expected maximum decibel level to my entertainment contract.  It clearly stated the entertainment was to stay within x sound level; would be issued a warning if they exceeded and would NOT receive final payment if they received a second warning.

This did wonders in managing the NOISE problem!


Who knew?!!!

I was absolutely amazed to read yesterday morning that existing ordinances already prohibit much of our ugly Minneapolis downtown surface parking lots; yet we’ve done nothing to enforce the regulations. Nor, have we as citizens, done anything to force compliance.

Current ordinances REQUIRE:

  • A landscaped yard at least 7-9 ft. wide
  • A masonry wall, fence, berm or hedge that is 3 ft high and at least 60% dense
  • At least one tree per ft. of parking area frontage

So good for Jacob Frey for bringing this to public attention!

And good for the city who will be reminding commercial parking lot license holders that beginning  May 1, lots will have 1 year to reach compliance.

 I expect that just like in 2010 when the city tried to enforce the ordinance, the owners will scream because they will lose some revenue-producing stalls in their lots.

Hopefully, this time, the city will hold firm. This is NOT a nicety to make a prettier place. This is a regulation to help with rainwater.  “Surface lots with no landscaping send more water into the streets, flooding storm sewers. “

We all recognize the age and the state of our ancient storm sewers.  Perhaps the parking lot owners would prefer assessments to RE-DO THAT system!  And don’t even get me started about the impact on the river and surrounding environment!

We don’t want these parking lots anyway.  Get in compliance or go away.  We are slowly but surely now headed in the right direction – to reduce cars and improve Metro Transit with a mix of cars, streetcars and trains.

Over the last few years, we have spent MUCH time and money in creative city making…from Plan It/Talk It Hennepin, to the redo of the Nicollet Mall, to the Cultural Corridor, the Gateway, the beginnings of the redo of Washington Avenue, a new Marcy Homes plan, the East Downtown plans and certainly with one study and action plan after another that has focused on the Mississippi River – from the Central Riverfront to Above the Falls.  These parking lot eyesores come up in discussions in each. 

Now is the time to start real action towards improving the situation.