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September 16, 2014

So last year ANOTHER child by ANOTHER mother was also scarred while being disciplined in Adrian Peterson’s care?

Unfortunately, this is not just about child abuse; it’s about the culture of NFL Football in general.

I STILL can’t talk about my experiences with the NFL Alum organization without getting an upset stomach and almost crying.

Even in my early corporate days in the ‘70s when I was the “first” woman in much of my corporate work life – always trying to carefully maneuver myself out of one situation or another with male clients and co-workers, I was NEVER treated so poorly nor exposed to as much slime as I experienced when I was working with the NFL Alum on their “Player of the Year” Awards events back in mid 1990s.

We can call out individuals all we want (and we should); we can say it’s the fault of the NFL management team (and we should); but as fans, we should look ourselves in the mirror and question WHY we let this filth be perpetuated. Trust me, one can never get rid of the slime – no matter how hard you scrub, if you’ve interacted with them one-on-one.

We have long passed the time when we should have re-evaluated the league, the game, and its culture- as well as the propensity of making these jerks “our heroes” – just because they play football, and make a lot of money.

And yes, I know there are many affiliated with the NFL that should not be categorized this way. There are many who do all they can to overcome the stigma, and many NFL-affiliated organizations do good work as I well know from early days of TASTE OF NFL. Nevertheless, you cannot argue that the culture and many of the fans support this throw-back-to-cavemen-times behavior. And no matter what the spin, IT’S WRONG.

I guess I can only hope that sometime along the way in the 21st century, the world will wake up and recognize that acceptance of this culture does not mesh with today’s values and aspirations and then changes can be made.