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2012 EXPO – Yeosu, Korea

June 8, 2012

And so it began on May 11…without too much fanfare thus far.

I am cautiously optimistic about the new ideas that will filter out through the world because I cannot imagine it topping my fascination for the Shanghai EXPO two years ago and the hours and hours I spent pouring over pictures and descriptions of pavilions there.  My office was filled with clippings and “post-its” of new ideas that were triggered by something I saw in EXHIBITOR Magazine in 2010.

So I am glad this Minnesota-based magazine is once again on top of it and Travis and his team are in place in Yeosu to capture it all, judge it, and report back.

Since I am a Midwesterner, the theme of the oceans and their coasts is not immediately appealing, but as I watch our partner in the US pavilion – Phillippe Couseau,, Jr.- describe in the video that the pavilion was a way to share, at the grass roots level, the story of the US, I became intrigued and am now looking forward to more news and reports from Korea!