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P.S. AND….a little complaint!

August 5, 2014

For the most part, life is good, and I’m trying my best not be so critical, but I just have to vent on one thing about this new “Little City”:

KTTC is a NBC station; that means in this part of Minnesota, Channel 11 does not exist. We lead into the nightly news with Judge Judy – yikes! But that only starts the comedy. We move on to amateur hour reporting on the big news in every surrounding town and village in SE Minnesota…and yes, every DWI and arrest as well – or at least it feels like it as one tries to watch!

But the worst part of the experience is one of the features of the Nightly TV news is some dude from the Post Bulletin (the local evening paper) gives us a preview of all the important news we will find in the Post Bulletin the following evening!

I’ve tried to “go with the flow” but this irritates me no end – although it helps explain why the EVENING paper shows up any time after 10AM in the morning – they apparently put it together the day before we get it. In other words, it is useless!

Thank goodness for 30 minutes of Brian Williams sandwiched between the two local news segments – at least I get a quick peak at what’s really happening in the world!

Not sure what I will eventually do….right now, I subscribe to the Sunday STRIB and get the daily STRIB digitally because I presumed that would keep me in touch with MSP and the PB would get me involved in the community here.

Well, a month later and….NOT SO MUCH! Tonite is the turning point – the big feature was the Mower Country Fair (no, nothing in Rochester – it’s in Austin) where they have an owl on display. Yup, you got it. An owl. So at both the 5PM and at the 6PM news, we got to see/hear the handler having a conversation with his owl.

I think that just pushed me over the edge. By tomorrow I think I will have morphed into a “CCO fan…I can get enough local stuff in the noon Post Bulletin! I’m sorry, but I just do not care about Austin, Eyota, Lewiston, Viola or Mason City!