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October 24, 2009

A year ago, we heard a rumor that involved a friend, and posing as event guests, we set out to investigate the scurrilous gossip and scandal. We secretly gathered the evidence and offered suggestions to curb the exploits we found objectionable. And our friend thanked us for the expose.

Over the last many months, we have kept our private eye on the behind-the-scenes intrigues- offering our support, suggestions and praise for positive actions as the situation warranted.

Yesterday, that friend and I had a catch-up breakfast at the Wilde Roast, and I was absolutely delighted to hear that this touchy situation has exploded into a full-blown AFFAIR!

Life is short! So Share the AFFAIR with the Chocolate Extravaganza. I am going to be there and you should be there too! Check out all the provocative details at



August 5, 2009

A year ago, a dinner party I was planning for a friend was cancelled as she was struck with a rare disease that endangered her life…I tucked away the birthday card…to give to her “later”.

As she battled for her life, I was engulfed in RNC activities and although I sent a card every few days, I was saddened because I could not be a part of her daily support group – I could only send my best thoughts and wishes that she would get better.

In September, she returned to her home. When I heard she could use some minor help, I volunteered for Tuesday Nights for as long as she needed me.

Early on, I brought dinner; later as she grew stronger, I was there to celebrate the victories and give encouragement on a down day, and to continue to wish she would get better.

Before long, she was giving back to me, as her continual improvement each Tuesday helped offset the sadness I felt in watching another friend who was battling pancreatic cancer – and those Tuesday nites gave me balance and hope.

Eventually, she went back to work part time and friends that had been absent returned to her life. But every Tuesday, our lives continued to connect.

Before I knew it, it was July and her birthday again. I pulled out that year-old birthday card, and planned a mini-celebration – but she could not make dinner that Tuesday of her birthday week.

And the next week, she couldn’t make it either. Follow up e-mails and a couple voice messages went unansered as well. Puzzled, I wondered what I had done-or maybe she was ill again.

And then I realized my wishes had come true. She WAS better and had gotten her life back…Tuesday nites with me were no longer a necessity.

I am thankful for the experience of sharing her healing and for her help as I mourned the loss of my friend, Sharon.

And one of these Tuesdays, we’ll have dinner – to catch up on what’s new, because I miss her laughter, and because she’s weathered the storm and I got my wish – she is better.

I’ll save that birthday card – maybe next year.