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March 15, 2012


First of all, I want to thank our client Boston Scientific for adding the second meeting as a bookend to the successful Division-Mission-Brand Rollout we did for CRV in 2010, and for trusting us to move one step further in the evolution of the 21st century events by agreeing to eliminate that very expensive, ineffective one-way communication from the stage known as the General Session. 

The 2011 event gave us the opportunity to measure the impact of our efforts over the full year- which were pretty remarkable. The post-event survey done by an independent outside resource reflected 70-92% “satisfaction/commitment to CRV”  scores for all key objectives of the event.  That means we even reached down into that bottom 10% of the bell curve and made a difference.

And of course, that would not have happened without the Collaborative Team of Independent Event Professionals that came together to serve CRV – so my heartfelt thanks goes out to all gave so much energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to experiment in order to make this happen!

Last week that team was recognized for its collaborative efforts as we won the 2012 ISES STAR AWARD for BEST ISES TEAM.   Again, congratulations and thank you to all.

You can view a short video that captures the essence of that work at http:/


Yesterday I read in Exhibitor Magazine that the job of an event planner has been ranked by as the sixth among the top stressful jobs titles…topped only by soldier, firefighter, airline pilot, military general, and police officer. Measurements includes not only an assessment of situations likely to produce stress, but also factors such as deadline-driven duties, growth opportunities, specific responsibilities, environmental conditions and hazards encountered.

Who knew!  That explains a lot about my life.  I’m glad I did not know this at the beginning of my career!


But there is hope for us as well.  I also stumbled across some great news on

Finally, after I have been complaining about both for over twenty years, PowerPoint and Teambuilding obstacle courses have made the “What’s Out” list along with Flip Video Cams and a couple other things.

They’ve been replaced by a new list of “what’s In” including digital whiteboards, mobile scavenger hunts and Smartphones.

If only it were true…we might make some progress in delivering meaningful communication and collaboration!  I wonder how long it will take corporate America along with their supportive meeting/event planners and producers to make the change.



February 14, 2012

And the CRV Event team is once again nominated not only for two ISES Star Awards, but individual team members are also finalists in several additional categories.  What a wonderfully talented group of professionals I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from over the past two years!

In a recent blog, Jeff Hurt did a great job of outlining 21st Century skills needed by planners in our industry as we confront major cultural and societal transformational shifts in the world around us.

THE RISK TAKER views each event as an opportunity to experiment and take risks; learning from failures.

THE VISIONARY always looks for ways to enhance the face-to-face experience; and is always on alert to changes in our clients’ worlds.

THE LEADER striving to help clients stay in sync with that rapidly moving world, remains on alert for impactful topics and trends.

THE ADAPTOR-recognizing a changing environment, new technology tools, and the presence of four generations of attendees at any given event –demands we cast aside the routine and do not depend on past processes.

THE COMMUNICATOR knows how to articulate event format changes and upgrades.  On site, they facilitate, entice and moderate 21st Century tools like texting, Skype and social networks.

THE LEARNER expands the focus from basic logistics, understands learning is a lifelong process and makes a commitment to seeking new knowledge and its application.

THE COLLABORATOR understands collaboration with coworkers and colleagues is imperative to success.

As I read Jeff’s blog, I thought of this team-every skill mentioned above is well-represented.  While we individually may not be experts in each of these seven areas, together, we’ve got it covered!

It is not the recognition of the Star Award, nor even the opportunity to do good work that motivates me.  I am proud to be a part of this team because we learn from each other, improving our skills each time we work together, and most importantly, we offer more value to the client for whom we are working, as we help them confront and conquer those seismic shifts that surround us.