June 12, 2015

In early February, my doctor at Mayo renewed a prescription for drug I have been using in treatment of my thumbs for a couple of years.-(as recommended by Mayo) all related to the Big Fall in 2001.

Unfortunately I had switched to Blue Cross Blue Shield after I moved to Rochester, and they decided to question the drug…wanting me to START a Step program with over counter meds instead.

Hard to believe that despite my Mayo doctor calling them in February and as late as this week, BCBS still thinks they know more than the physician.

So today I have spent yet another HOUR at the drugstore with pharmacist/the Clinic and the insurance company……and STILL LEFT empty-handed. The drugstore is trying to get a copy of the special form BCBS requires sent from BCBS…so can forward it to my doctor so that we can RESTART the process and see if we can get this resolved.

Does Aspercreme work? No. Does Icy/Hot work? No. How long does Cheryl have to live with the pain? Only until I can switch Insurance providers at the end of the year and get BCBS out of my life forever!!!! Will I be a real grouch until then? YES !!!

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