October 30, 2014

After four months of trying to fix “move-in issues” myself, and reporting several times things that needed to be fixed, yesterday I wrote a letter to Michelle and to the new management company explaining the issues in one of bathrooms originally reported in July was still not fixed; that two burners on stove –after fifteen hours of soaking and scrubbing – were not necessarily clean, but were at usable but I was unwilling to put in that much effort/costs on the other two; and the oven smoked up house every time I used and twice has set off the alarms in here; that the washing machine had quit in middle of a cycle again and this time, I was NOT going to empty it cup by cup-it needed to be fixed; that I was going to wait until spring to deal with fact I had just learned I was responsible for cleaning the OUTSIDE of the windows (yes, on the third floor) ; and that I was still waiting for the repair of the safety chain on the 306B door; and let’s not forget….one outlet next to sink in kitchen did not work……I GOT GOOD NEWS! I am getting a new washer/dryer AND a new stove early next month!!!! And not only that, today, they are going to fix the lock on the door!

One side of me wants to celebrate. The other side of me feels so bad that I was wrote the complaint letter.

What is wrong with this picture?!!! Why is it I am apologizing for complaining? I know the squeaking wheel gets the attention, but I always feel badly when I have to become that squeaky wheel-even though it pays off.

So, I am going to try to not feel guilty for complaining and be glad that complaining WORKED if I can. After all, Terry and Lee Linskey will be here tonight for the Glen Campbell/traveling Alzheimer’s show at Mayo and we are having an early dinner first. How fun is that?

And then I can come home and bask in how nice it will be when I can lock my door, forget my appliance issues and wait to celebrate when the new ones are delivered!

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