October 17, 2014

As I started to write this, it was 8:30AM. In retrospect, I have had a pretty productive morning already!

I showered, dressed, changed my sheets; washed two loads of clothes, prepped for recycling day, responded to e-mails and did my morning review of Facebook.

Along with that, I roasted a chicken in my fifty-year old golden Dansk pan (the BEST pan I have for browning stuff-although the color dates me JUST a little :-). It yielded lots of tasty dark brown drippings that got turned into soup stock. The chicken is deboned and sliced; the veggies are prepped and ready to be added to a new pot of homemade soup this afternoon; and fresh green beans are cleaned and marinating – ready for the grill tonight. And I just finished restoring the kitchen to order and did a quick wipe-up of the floor so evidence of how messy I am when I cook has been destroyed!

So I have a couple hours to devote to “stuff” on my desk including a long article entitled “Our cities water systems are becoming obsolete. What will replace them?” I am sure that will be glad tidings…NOT!

At any rate, I should be in good shape to tune into Andrea Mitchell at 11 – so I can get my daily fix of being irritated at her and her know-it-all-I would do-it much differently attitude.

I am sure a portion will be all about Ebola and how this somehow is Obama’s fault…so together with that spin from the Press in general as they report on the latest Republican spin trying to make Ebola an election decider, and more reasonable Press trying to help us get this in perspective by sharing the facts of other real health crises– by noon I will be totally depressed and deserving of a walk and then an afternoon curled up with my book!
Well, actually, I have already gotten the Other Diseases report – and it just makes me madder at the Republicans and their irresponsible hype.

In reality, we should be worrying about the flu – it kills 3,000-50,000 Americans a year; Enterovirus – which I have mentioned before in terms of impact on children; Norovirus; Hepatitis C which kills 17,000-80,000 Americans annually; RSV; rabies; HIVaids; Mosquito-born viruses; measles; whooping cough (pertussis); other drug-resistant bacteria (MRSA)…or even car crashes. Tens of thousands of Americans die from car crashes every year…maybe cars all should be banned to save lives. Or think about skin cancer – 3.5 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year and 10,000 die each year. I suppose we could close all beaches and pools…but I am sure sun-lovers would find a way. And finally, let’s not forget the 30,000 Americans that die from gun shots annually – while the Republicans throw tantrums about having safe gun laws.

Or on a more positive note, maybe some newscaster will make sense of the Republican mumbling about the Guatemalan children illegally crossing our southern border and since nothing has been done about “closing the borders”, we are all going to die of Ebola. I wonder if those people realize West Africa is a LONG WAY from Guatemala OR our southern border?

It’s 11 AM now…..

Yup; she made fun of Obama; had a big discussion about border closings; and not one word about the explanation both Obama and CDC gave for wanting to resist closing borders….and then went on to make it a leadership problem with Obama by going around country talking to those against what Obama/CDC are saying about closing borders. Half way thru the show and no other topic thus far. This is why she drives me absolutely crazy. She is one of the national press that frightens the general public and makes every issue a crisis.

I just mentioned almost 200,000 American deaths in the few health issues listed above that I found statistics….why are those things not an issue?

OK, enough – one more News opinion show today – All In with Chris Hayes…I usually like his approach….we shall see about today! I am so glad its Friday and I only work until 1 – no matter what!

So, here’s to a good weekend followed by a quick trip to Minneapolis on Monday to take part in the annual meeting of Mississippi Riverfront folks……with just enough time planned in the itinerary to walk the trail – hoping some of the trees will still be showing off their colors!

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