September 18, 2014

What a dilemma. YES, I think a woman as US President could bring a new perspective to the role of President. YES, I think it is time in US history to accept women behind this significant “closed door”.

My problem remains the same one I had in 2008. I have never thought Hillary was the right person to lead the charge to get that accomplished. I fear if she is nominated, women as viable alternatives could be set back significantly. From my perspective, she is too much a product of the 20th century. She has no choice but to view the 90s as the right way for our country; after all, she was pretty invested in it, wasn’t she?

And although the door did not shut automatically on that December midnight of 1999/2000, over the last fourteen years, we should all have come to recognize that the 21st century is far different than a “continuation” of what we once believed. And we do not need to go backwards in the progressive leadership of our country.

The Boomers HAD our chance and fifty years is sufficient. It is now time to find leadership that is aware of, comfortable with, and skilled at collaborative resolution to opportunities, issues, and concerns.

I feel Hillary does not understand the new and still-emerging rules of this century. One can indeed disagree; one can suggest alternatives; one should be a part of forming a path forward that is stronger than any single person’s viewpoint; but one does not undercut the plan when one’s suggestions are not adapted. That is Politics – not Leadership.

That does not mean I do not think she did a fine job as Secretary of State in Obama’s first term. But I’ve heard enough hints in her “carefully staged” comments to raise a concern – at least for me.

I wish we had a couple Amy Klobachers to choose from in 2016; then Hillary could live happily ever as a Grandmother and we could avoid continual reminders of how the Clintons finally got things “right” in the last decade of the 20th century. What they did may have been right for the 90s and a fitting close to a bygone century, but those things do not necessarily translate well in the 21st!

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