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June 23, 2014

I know, I promised no more blogs until I was in Rochester but….

To my surprise, I learned this morning that there is a coffee revolution going on!

Once upon a time, coffee from a can made in a percolator was A-OK….then along came Starbucks and our world changed.

Over the years, home coffee makers got more sophisticated and expensive and coffee shops sprouted on every corner…although we somehow lost the concept that a coffee shop was a gathering spot; a community bulletin board; the heart of a neighborhood…and coffee should not cost more than $1 a cup – including refills from a friendly waitress!

Eventually, we even invented a way to be more detrimental to the environment, and we invented little paper cups that contained enough un-brewed (and well-doctored up) grounds to make a single cup of coffee so that we could vary our coffee taste daily to match our mood, and meet the needs of each guest who had developed very particular tastes. But mostly, we simply allowed for the price of coffee to ESCALATE – now costing more than a glass of beer or wine!

This morning I learned about the NEW Coffee Buzz emerging and it’s all about the bean AND DARK ROAST is on the way out.

Well, I had already given up the espresso maker at home and returned to the percolator. I drink that coffee “straight” – no crème, no milk, no, skim, no sugar. And at the coffee shop, I order a large dark roast – no fancy anything. So I wonder….am I REALLY ready and willing to sip and taste and discuss the hint of chocolate, raspberry or floral in the cup of java I just purchased?

This may be the fork in the road as I am concerned about my adjustment time. How long would it take to readjust and not think “This looks like dirty dishwater and tastes like I imagine dirty dishwater to taste?”

And if I take the “old people’s ” fork in the road, will I be left alone and not have to pretend I taste a rose in my cup? Or will I continue to travel further back in time, and yearn for that big speckled tin coffee pot in the church kitchen when making coffee was easy…fill with water, add a bunch of grounds and an egg or two – percolate, drink, and congratulate the Church ladies in the kitchen on how GOOD the coffee was today?



June 14, 2014