April 5, 2014

Well, wasn’t that nice of the Feds….FINALLY just three years ago, the government having decided maybe it would be safe to allow the Native peoples of the United States to have their own RADIO stations, granted FOUR licenses to stations on Minnesota Reservations.

All this time after radios were a central fixture in every white home in America as well as in many a non-English-speaking multi-cultural immigrant family home, perhaps the days of Boarding School thinking designed to destroy native peoples cultures and assimilate native peoples into the white man’s land are finally over!

No use trying to understand why this took so long to accomplish; no sense even trying to understand why I am probably not in the minority in not even recognizing our Native peoples did not have access to their own stations – programed, run and focused on their own cultures! No use trying to figure out why we celebrate and preserve ancestries of all of us  that originated on other continents, but only 500 years later, can we allow those who have been here for thousands of years to have their own radio stations!.

All these years later, we have finally given our native peoples an inexpensive way in which to connect and communicate with one another…to preserve their language, culture and communities and keep them in sync with current affairs that directly impact them.

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