March 26, 2014

“This is an exhaustive, time consuming, and extremely expensive, and burdensome process” complained the Twin Cities Archdiocese as they asked for more time to turn over secret files of 40 priests they ADMIT were credibly accused of sexually abusing children since 1970.

The files were asked for in November; they were ordered to be released by the courts in February, and they are due March 31.

My first thought is what can be hard about forty files.  Look under “secrets files to be kept from public view”!.  Do they really expect the Courts and Public to believe these files are not now kept in a single defined space?  Makes one wonder just how many incidents per priest are in each file that it is taking more than FIVE MONTHS to locate each and copy them.  That is a bit of stretch of imagination in my book.  Do they think we believe they still copy documents by hand?

I also wonder as they whine about the “inconvenience” if they are giving a thought to the “exhaustive, time consuming and extremely expensive and burdensome process” the VICTIMS and their parents have been put through in trying to heal and move forward from these atrocities.  Unfortunately, the damage done cannot be as easily locked away “out of sight; out of mind” as can the records.

And do not even get me started on their request to interview the “John Doe One ” victim and his wife, and possibly his friends, co-workers and employers” to assess the impact of the abuse and the damage claims.  Have these people no empathy?  Why do you think the cases were filed as “John Does”?.  The Archdiocese claim they need to do this, exposing the victim publically, in order to understand the impact? . 

That sends another frightful signal about this whole issue.  Surely, they do not think they can set themselves up as the “experts” on how damaging sexual abuse can be?  If so, I suggest, perhaps they should have STOPPED THE PRACTICE LONG AGO instead of just hiding it, and putting the reputation of their church as more important. No, I think they are gambling here. I think they know how devastating this would be to the victim to share publically; and thus they expect the victim will “fade away” and their church and its pedophiles will escape punishment – one more time.

Yes, I know the plaintiff and the defendant alike have equal rights, but really?  Can this not be accomplished in some more “compassionate way?”  I would hope so, but I admit, my personal reaction is that when the Archdiocese chose the path of lying and hiding the records some 35 years ago, and made it “standard practice” to continue to do so in every case thereafter, they put some of their “rights” at risk. 

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