March 26, 2014

I’m ready to throw my computer out the window for all the intrusive “pop-op” ads I’m experiencing right now.  It’s bad enough that one is subjected to this almost anytime one clicks on a story of interest associated with KARE TV or MNPOST, or most anything you’ve every researched, but now after trying to do a few searches on olive oil and Crete for a project I’m working on and a few searches on Rochester and a potential future life there, I have been flooded with these interruptions.

So last week, I tried an experiment for two days.  I recorded time spent watching or trying to bypass these irritants.  I spent almost 25% of my time (YES 25%!) either waiting for an intrusive advertisement to end or trying to close the offensive window and get on with my business!    Yes, maybe it was only 20% allowing time to track/record, but either way, it was a SIGNIFICANT loss of productivity-considering in every case, I was trying to by-pass and get on with the work at hand.  THINK about how much time, if a viewer was actually interested, and then got sucked into the churn and went from one ad to the next-all beckoning from the sidebars.

My point being, this is a huge loss of income-generating time which translates to LESS INCOME to return to those irritating businesses who take part in this intrusive habit.  One would think their OWN marketing gurus might have sense to understand this but apparently they don’t- or don’t care- or simply think it does not matter. 

In a corporation, one generally gets paid for time at the office- productive time or not.  But I can assure you, these invasive tactics will not return income from me!  I paid my dues by giving them time to hear about their product I did not want!  As trends predict more and more independent “businesses” in the future, corporations may just want to RETHINK this plan of attack, I would think.

I cannot be the only one that has a similar reaction, or am I?

Some days, I do think it is just me…otherwise in comparison why have we made such an issue of NSA gathering meta-data?  A number communicating with a number for x amount of time – frankly, doesn’t bother me or IMPACT MY PRODUCTIVITY AND LIFE as much as the intrusions of corporations whose sole intent is to separate me from my money….all so they can pay execs $millions annually, and have a little left over of course to lobby for their own interests, and pay those marketing yahoos who are targeting me!

Yes I know…no one wants to feel Big Brother is watching over us controlling our free will.  Yet everyone wants the government to have systems that guarantee that no bad guys can plot to harm us. We do not want another 9-11. 

I’d like to hear from the naysayers how they expect the government to do that without some sort of watchful eye to stop these incidents at the PLANNING stage…not just come in and clean up after.

And, I’d like to hear from the naysayers why they are perfectly okay with becoming a Stepford Wife controlled by corporate America thru unwanted pop-op ads! 

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