March 26, 2014

Why is it we can blame almost anything we don’t like in our world today on the most recent recession, but we can ignore its impact in other studies if it is convenient to do so?

That’s my take on LIGHT RAIL, LIGHT IMPACT article in the STRIB this morning.

I am with Peter McLaughlin on this one. Despite a major recession for the first four years of the Blue Line’s existence,, by this, the eighth year, we’re showing lots of redevelopment along the Blue Line.

Perhaps we should question the study itself rather than its results. It only covers, coincidently, the first four years – in which development was at a standstill EVERYWHERE!

Perhaps a better model is the Green Line – not open yet and lots of activity all along the route in anticipation.  I wonder what its first four years will bring?  Light Rails 2; Cars 0 in my book!


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