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February 7, 2014


Hats off to Red Wing, MN…Finally, a recognition that Columbus was NOT a hero, enslaving the indigenous peoples was not an admirable thing, and the birth of white “supremists” in the Americas was not really a good thing, nor is it worth celebrating….as surely, US historians can attest to.

As we continue to learn more of the ancient indigenous settlement on Prairie Island and its position as a central gathering place at the Crossroads of North America, it seems only appropriate that Red Wing today recognizes the native peoples as they take a lead in Minnesota with rejecting “Columbus” Day.

After all, thousands of years ago in those treks from Alaska, New Found land, Florida and Mexico to Prairie Island, the indigenous peoples “discovered America” far more impressively than did Columbus!


Further, Columbus was following ancient legends of wealth and search for gold.  For hundreds of years he and other explorers stripped the Americas of its wealth – shipping it back to Europe and the Middle East to support their Kings and Queens, the ever-expanding Vatican and the Catholic Church.  Thus began the “Pay us enough money and your sins will be forgiven” twist to religion invented by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.

SO AMEN to the United Nations!  From many perspectives, their recent rebuke of the Vatican is right on and they should continue to push for righting horrendous wrong done by the Church to the world’s children.

This is not a faith issue; this is a pretty black and white moral issue and the Catholic Church represented by the Vatican has connived and hidden it away for generations as they-to borrow a term from the wiser indigenous peoples-spoke with forked tongue.  I’ve said before, they are not a model based on the life of Christ.  Along the way they chose to protect themselves and sacrifice the flock.

Apparently the Vatican is particularly irritated for the UN criticism as it pertains to the Vatican stand on abortion and contraception.   As for that, I chose to fight my battle for equal rights for women in the business world, not the religious world ; although I strongly disagree with the Vatican’s stand on both and see it only as an issue of control, power, and wealth-long a motivation for Vatican actions in many issues over the centuries.  So I’ll save my comment on women and their treatment by the Catholic Church for another time.


The closing of the Upper Harbor Terminal seemed so far in the future when I first became aware of the issues back in the mid-1990s at gatherings of the Mississippi Mile.

And now the year of change is upon us.  It’s a good thing as it comes to an end and “new” plans for transforming it into a place for public access to the river, new businesses and a link to the Grand Rounds have been established and stand waiting for implementation as outlined in the latest “above the Falls” plan so many of us have been involved with in one capacity or another over the last few years.

Nevertheless, there remains a couple nagging thoughts in my mind, We will celebrate when the Terminal is closed and we will explain it away as another bad idea of the 1960s motivated by sibling rivalry among the two sister cities….but will we race headlong into another 50 year mistake  or move forward cautiously?

Will we allow time to “discover” what was there BEFORE the Terminal or before the white man invaded and claimed this ancient part of the river as their home?

I understand from my friends this once was a battleground as Chippewa migrated south and the Dakota fought to protect their homeland.

Will we take the time to test excavations before we unknowingly teardown the terminal and rush to build anew?