February 23, 2014

First the fall on Friday returning from the ENVISION seminar; then today’s walk via skyway to Target to pick up a few things turned into a real disaster.

The Skyway is always my last resort – I prefer the walk outdoors or at least the walk over to Nicollet to pick up the free bus at the library to take me down to 10th street and back…but it was cold and road/sidewalks still a total mess from the storm so off I went in the indoor maze…no hat, no scarf, no mittens, no boots, no winter coat– just a light jacket over my sweater.

All was well, although two 12packs of Diet Coke were a little heavy on the way back…until all of a sudden at Century Link, the skyway door would not open…people trying on both sides to no avail. Slowly but surely we each realized we would have to backtrack (at least 3 blocks for me)….so I foolishly  decided to head to ground level – keep moving in the right direction toward the river and reenter at the next building.

Unfortunately I was not even thinking it was Sunday, not Saturday, and street level entrances to reconnect may not be open….and once out , one cannot get back in.

I was freezing but I almost made it despite the biting wind and treacherous sidewalks  …when at the Crossings Bldg and Second –just BEFORE I stepped out into Washington Avenue, thank goodness, I had another fall….Unbeknownst to me, the cart I was pulling had lost a wheel a few steps before, the cart tipped, and I lost my balance…and soon lay sprawled for a second time in three days on the sidewalk.

Fortunately, I keep a couple Lunds bags in that cart- so had to transfer the groceries to bags; abandon the broken cart on the Crossings steps (not a trash can in sight) , and head out once more now lugging 2 12 packs of soda in one hand, and all the remaining items in the other.

Not good…those last 4 blocks took me forever.  I hurt and I was tired of the cold, and the snow, and trials and tribulations life has sprinkled upon me in recent months.


But as I am sitting here wrapped in heating pads and hot packs, making a list of things I thought of on the walk that I need to take care of, I am generating the “To Do before the Move” list and realized I have already made that March 31 decision.  I am over it applies to a lot of things in my life right now. 

I so want the stars to align correctly so that perhaps all these decisions will be made, the Friends of Hennepin Country will have inherited my personal library, and I can head off quietly with no fanfare in early spring to a new life, new friends,  and a third career waiting for me there.




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