February 12, 2014

In the real world, we have a judicial system that determines innocence or guilt by judge and peers. Many are accused and found NOT GUILTY; likewise many are found GUILTY and sentenced to the appropriate punishment as determined by the laws of our country.

The system pertains to all citizens including leaders of all faiths….except, apparently, the Catholic Church.

Nienstadt maintains that priests “falsely accused of abuse could have their reputations tarnished”…and thus, disclosure of the accused is unreasonable. Hmmm, I say, and why is this any different than leaders of other faiths…or for that matter, every citizen of the United States that is accused of a crime?

He then proceeds to set himself above all laws. Since he and the Archdiocese have not determined yet if ANY case of child abuse by priests reported since 2004 is, in his judgment, “credible” yet, no names of offending priests for the last TEN YEARS have been released.

I am pleased to see that Judge Van de North has ordered both Nienstadt and Kevin McDonough to create a list of all accused and both men will be required to personally testify – although not exactly under the same rules of the rest of American citizens including mayors, governors, presidents and heads of every other religious organization in America. Nevertheless, special circumstances or not, it still will happen, and they will be held accountable under the law of the land.

Hopefully, the results will clear up some doubts and show the Catholic Church in Minnesota has indeed moved to stop these crimes against the children of our state.

If not, perhaps there will be enough of a crack in the “infallibility” of this organization to at least demand monitored change and oversight.

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