February 10, 2014

Viking seat licenses/ticket prices per game will run as much as $12,700 per seat per game for the Opening Season – not counting parking; food and beverage and of course the obligatory purple “costume”. This just makes me shudder.

But not to worry; they did not forget the little guy. At Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the commoners known as stinkards and groundlings stood in the Yard. I guess one should consider it progress that in our new stadium we have reserved 25% of (mostly) undesirable seats up at the top for today’s peons…without a seat license.

I only have one question: How many of the $4,400 – $12,700 per ticket per game folks are champions of the cuts in food assistance for the poor that was just passed as part of the Farm Bill? You know, the argument that said “we can’t afford to feed the hungry amongst us?”

Looks like they ‘ve voted for Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat Cake” attitude. I hope I am wrong

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